Step Into My Chamber


By Brenda Buchanan, author of QUICK PIVOT

Brenda's writing spaceI kill people in this room.

There’s no blood on the floor, but then, I’m kind of a neatnik. You won’t find traditional weapons of any sort, but pens can be lethal. Not to mention laptops.

George Desmond died here in 1968. Riverside, Maine was rocked by the crime and riveted by Joe Gale’s coverage in the Portland Daily Chronicle when poor George’s body was finally found 46 years later. You can read all about it in Quick Pivot, which was released earlier this week.

Above my desk is an aerial photo of the islands of Casco Bay, Maine. I lived year-round on one of them—Peaks Island—for a dozen years.  Helena Desmond, George’s younger sister, lives there in my novel. It’s a lovely place to visit, especially in the summer, when Quick Pivot takes place.I read therefore I am button

I keep a pen and a legal pad handy to jot the occasional note, but I do most of my dirty work directly on the keyboard, with only the sketchiest of outlines. I was a newspaper reporter myself once upon a time and find my characters really come alive (well, most of them) when there’s nothing between my imagination and my laptop.

That red date book on the right side of my desk is where I’m keeping track of the libraries and book groups I’ll be visiting soon to talk about Quick Pivot.  Details are on my website—  If you’re a member of a book group and would enjoy talking with me about my murderous ways, just say the word. If you’re too far afield for an in-person visit I’ll be happy to drop in by Skype.

On the floor is the retro library tote bag I received last December as a birthday gift.  Like most of the readers of this blog, I have been an avid reader my entire life, and I’m a big supporter both of local libraries and literacy programs. That explains the button, another gift from someone who knows me well.

I’m guessing the same is true for you.

Now that I’ve shown you where I write, I hope you’ll let me know where you read. Couch? Bed? Easy Chair? And what do you keep near at hand when you’re reading a suspenseful book? A flashlight? A stiff drink? A dog who barks at the first sign of trouble?  I’ll interview the person with the most entertaining answers on my website,


A cunning thief skimmed a half a million dollars from the textile mill that was the beating heart of Riverside, Maine. Sharp-eyed accountant George Desmond discovered the discrepancy, but was killed before he could report it. After stashing the body, the thief-turned-killer manipulated evidence to make it appear Desmond skipped town with the stolen money, ruining his good name forever.

Present Day

Veteran journalist Joe Gale is covering a story for the Portland Daily Chronicle when a skeleton falls at his feet: Desmond’s bones have been found in a basement crawl space at the long-shuttered mill. For Joe, digging into the past means retracing the steps his mentor Paulie Finnegan had taken years ago, when the case was still open. But the same people who bird-dogged Paulie four decades ago are watching Joe now. As he closes in on the truth, his every move is tracked…and the murderer proves more than willing to kill again.

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Brenda Buchanan is the author of the Joe Gale Mystery Series. The recently-released first book in the series, Quick Pivot, features a contemporary newspaper reporter who uncovers the truth behind a 1968 crime that devastated a once-thriving mill town. A former newspaper reporter herself, Brenda lives in beautiful Southern Maine.

6 thoughts on “Step Into My Chamber”

  1. Kate Cone says:

    I love seeing other writers’ spaces. And congrats for the new book. Can’t wait.

  2. Brenda Buchanan says:

    Thanks Kate!

  3. Joan Dempsey says:

    Stop distracting me. I’m busy reading Quick Pivot!! :)

  4. Brenda Buchanan says:

    Love it, Joan!

  5. Dennis Rockwell says:

    For years I have been lighting up the house with lights for all occasions. Now I have found a book to light up my imagination. “Quick Pivot”
    Thanks for a great book to read in front of a warm fire on a cool spring evening.

    1. Brenda Buchanan says:

      Thank you, Dennis!

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