The Coast Guard


By Sharon Calvin, author of A DANGEROUS LEAP

GH_Coral_2My life-experiences include hitchhiking from Philadelphia to Kansas City with another girl and a dog, working in an Oregon saw mill, being a telephone exchange repairman (until I failed pole climbing), I fired a Thompson submachine gun (Tommy Gun) at the FBI firing range, won second place in an off-road hill climb in my Jeep CJ-5, and got to try flying a four-passenger helicopter.

Sharon CalvinTrading Kansas tornadoes for hurricanes, I now live on an island in Florida with my husband and a Maine Coon cat with attitude. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

The idea for my Gulf Coast Rescue series began back in the nineties after reading Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm. I was living in Kansas, had little to no experience around large bodies of water (spring break in North Miami Beach notwithstanding) and was in awe of what the men and women who made a living on the water faced during that 100-year storm.

As I read about the U.S. Coast Guard, especially the rescue swimmer, I became hooked. I had to learn more about these men, and the few hearty women, who regularly faced unimaginable weather conditions to save lives.

I read a number of books about what the U.S. Coast Guard does, including one that detailed the first woman to qualify as a rescue swimmer. In fact I named my character from A Dangerous Leap in honor of Kelly Mogk. Then I had an opportunity to move to Florida and my neighbor was an ex-coastie hoist operator (yes, he was the inspiration for Joe—but without the bad attitude). Now I knew I had to write that book!

A few things that make the Coast Guard unique is they rescue mostly civilians, making their job much more difficult than say an Air Force pararescue or PJ (the 920th Rescue Wing is located at nearby Patrick Air Force base) who generally rescue fellow military personnel. What that means for the Coastie rescue swimmer is that the survivor could be out of shape, panicked, and less likely to follow directions. There is less specialization, more personnel have multiple jobs, and the bulk of their work is in Search and Rescue. All of those factors make for great characters, unique situations, and lots of diverse plots—a writer’s trifecta!

So, would you be willing to jump out of a helicopter in twenty-foot waves?

{395657B4-7502-420A-A08F-A5CED6B86786}Img100Book one of Gulf Coast Rescue

Raised by navy parents, Kelly Bishop learned how to pack light and say goodbye at an early age. She’s earned her Coast Guard rescue swimmer stripes in some of the toughest waters out there, outperforming men along the way. Now she’s ready for a new start in Florida, eager to prove herself as the best of the best.

What she isn’t ready for is the spark between her and fellow Coastie Ian Razzamenti.

Ian knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. And what he’s always wanted is a stay-at-home wife—someone who can take care of their children while he’s out on missions. The attraction he feels for Kelly is intense, but is it worth giving up his big-family dreams?

Life-or-death situations leave little time for distraction—or doubt. When a tropical storm becomes a hurricane and a dangerous enemy reveals himself, their air station springs into action, and Kelly and Ian may not have the chance to decide whether they want to take the leap…

71,000 words
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11 thoughts on “The Coast Guard”

  1. Judith Keim says:

    Sharon, I’m so excited for you! I’ve read and heard excerpts of your writing and you’re so good! BTW I love the cover of this book. Good luck with it! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Sharon Calvin says:

    Thanks Judy, I appreciate the kind words!

  3. Larissa Emerald says:

    Jump? Not me. But I totally admire and respect the ones who do. My dad could have done that job, I think. He was a diver with the Sheriff Depart, way back when. He did more search and recovery than rescue, though.

    I’ve enjoyed learning more about the Coast Guard through you posts on Facebook.

    Good luck with A Leap of Faith.

  4. Sharon Calvin says:

    It would take more than a leap of faith to get me to jump from a helicopter! I’m thinking more like a well placed boot to my backside when I wasn’t looking.

  5. Rich Schubert says:

    Sharon, your life experiences must serve your writings well! Love this “teaser” review of your book, and look forward to reading it.

  6. Sharon Calvin says:

    Thanks Rich. It’s fun to look back at some of the things I’ve done and go, “Wow, I did that?” Then you add what Bill and I have done together, and oh boy, I have lots of stories to tell!

  7. Karen Ann Dell says:

    Sharon I’ve downloaded your book and can’t wait to start it. If only my day job didn’t take up so much of my time! I wish you much success.

  8. Sharon Calvin says:

    Thanks Karen. I’m with you, those day jobs get in the way of all those books we want to read!

  9. Sandy P. says:

    Have the book and love your strong characters. Keep the stories coming. PS. Great cat. Seems to fit right in with your fun loving background.

  10. Sharon Calvin says:

    Mizzen is one of my favorite cats too. Much smaller than my current “large-boned” Maine Coon. :)

  11. Brenda Buchanan says:

    Congratulations, Sharon! A dangerous Leap sounds like compelling reading – it’s on my list!

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