Author Spotlight: Joely Sue Burkhart


Summer is on the way, which means it’s time to make the temperature rise! What better way to do that than with an Erotic Thriller by Joely Sue Burkhart? One Cut Deeper will get your pulse racing!

A Christmas Story Gone Wrong by Joely Sue Burkhart

You’re going to laugh, but I started One Cut Deeper as a Christmas romance novella. (Disclaimer:  Although the characters do celebrate Christmas at the beginning, it’s *not* a holiday novel!)

I finished what went on to be one of three parts of the novel, stepped back to look at it, and shook my head. It wasn’t right. Everything had gone wrong.

I’d wanted this to be a sexy, emotionally charged holiday novella. I had a sweet, caring hero with a dark secret in the bedroom, and a damaged heroine who’d learned how to survive despite her family’s misguided love. They get together at Christmas and live happily ever after, right?

Wrong. That’s how I’d written it… but it wasn’t right.

There was something wrong with Charlie. Something he’d been lying about, even to me. Part of me didn’t want to look deeper. I didn’t want to ruin this incredibly tender and loving Master who was determined to heal Ranay. He lifted her up, bolstered her confidence, and gave her exactly what she needed.

But it wasn’t what he needed. At all. He’d been lying to her too.

My holiday romance unraveled. The more I read and tried to fix it, the more Charlie’s secret leaked out, spreading like a thick shadow through everything it touched.

No! I stomped my foot and made Ranay wrap presents and spend Christmas day with her family. She was going to be happy. He was the perfect Master. She deserved that Christmas with him.

But she woke up the next day alone.

I had to pull off that mask and look at what he’d been hiding. I think I was even more scared than Ranay. But I had to keep pushing. For her. For him. And for myself most of all.

About One Cut Deeper:

{8A2EC1D4-B85E-441D-94DD-C135B0C417FA}Img100Her needs are dark. His are dangerous.

Charlie MacNiall has been bringing his beautiful king shepherd to the vet clinic where Ranay Killian works for the better part of a year. She doesn’t realize he’s been slowly wooing her. She certainly has no idea that he picked her deliberately—that she is to become his. A broken heart and a desperate desire to be dominated make her the perfect victim.

His perfect victim.

Charlie fixes Ranay, testing her emotional limits while pushing her sexual boundaries past anything she’d imagined possible. Pain is their shared pleasure…until Charlie disappears and Ranay is all but destroyed.

The FBI says the man she loves is a serial killer. Ranay can’t deny there’s a darkness in Charlie, a monstrous hunger that drives him to the brink. She even believes he could kill. But Charlie’s hunger is what bonds them—it’s the foundation of their love. Would he actually kill her?

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