The Best of Opposites Attract Love Stories


By j. leigh bailey, author of RECKLESS HOPE

There’s something incredibly exciting about an opposites attract love story. Whether it’s the build-up of sexual tension through witty banter, or the balance each partner brings to the other, I absolutely love watching two seemingly different people come together. Especially when they have to overcome themselves to reach their happy ever after ending.
To celebrate the release of my new opposites attract story RECKLESS HOPE (Letting Go, book 2), I’m sharing five of my all-time favorite opposites attract themed movies.

1. An uptight businessman meets good-hearted prostitute.

Pretty Woman

2. Naval officer meets free-spirited governess.

The Sound of Music

3. A spirited young lady meets proud aristocrat.

Pride and Prejudice

4. An ambitious TV personality meets stoned slacker.

Knocked Up

5. Poor girl meets rich (but sensitive) playboy.

Pretty in Pink

Now, I know there are A LOT of great opposites attract movies out there. I want to know—which are your favorites?


9781459290068-COVWhat’s life without a little risk?

Or a lot of risk, if you’re Sebastian Carlisle. He’ll never live up to the legacy of his dead brother, so why try? Being the wild child in a family of stuck-up rich snobs suits him just fine.

Until he meets Micah Burke, and everything changes.

Micah’s got too much going on for a relationship. Even if he could trust Sebastian, a distraction—a sexy, reckless distraction with a death wish—would only derail his carefully scheduled life. If it were just Micah, maybe that would be fine, but his mother and sister depend on him, and he can’t let them down. Or at least that’s what he tells himself.

A hot moment leads to a hot night leads to a connection neither of them are ready for. And when a crisis hits Micah’s family hard, Sebastian will have to shed his bad-boy image and decide whether he can be the man Micah needs—and Micah needs to decide whether he’ll let him.

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j. leigh bailey is an office drone by day and the author of New Adult and Young Adult LGBT Romance by night. She can usually be found with her nose in a book or pressed up against her computer monitor. A book-a-day reading habit sometimes gets in the way of… well, everything…but some habits aren’t worth breaking. She’s been reading romance novels since she was ten years old. The last twenty years or so have not changed her voracious appetite for stories of romance, relationships and achieving that vitally important Happy Ever After. She’s a firm believer that everyone, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation or paranormal affiliation deserves a happy ending.

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