These Are Five of My Favorite Things (About Ballet)


By Katherine Locke, author of FINDING CENTER

Before I wrote the District Ballet Company series, I didn’t know much about ballet—I loved watching it, and I had seen Center Stage a million times, but I had to do a ton of research to write these books. Along the way, I’ve discovered some amazing things about ballet: costumes, and dancers, and amazing backstage access!

1. Tutus

I’m a jeans and a t-shirt girl most of the time…but holy kittens, the long romantic tutus are my absolute favorite. Serenade is one of my favorite ballets, and I love the cool lighting, and the flow of these tutus.örbes-lesley-rausch-batkhurel-bold-in

2. Pointe Shoe Prep

I knew nothing about pointe shoes when I started other than they looked really painful. Spoiler alert: that was not a myth. But what I did learn is that prepping pointe shoes takes time. Cutting, sewing, smacking them against the ground, tucking in pads to protect feet, shellac… pointe shoes are a process.

The Art of Pointe Shoe Prep. #bostonballet

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3. Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild

Want to meet a real life Aly and Zed? Now you can! Like my heroine and hero, Peck and Fairchild met in ballet school as kids and dated off and on, eventually coming back together. They’re now dancing together as principals at the New York City Ballet and on Broadway! Warning: cute explosion ahead.

4. Roberto Bolle

He’s one of the best dancers in the world, and he’s easy on the eyes. Very easy. Incredibly easy. His instagram is thankfully shameless and features a number of shirtless photos as he warms up, rehearses, dances, lounges around his apartment…you get the idea. You’re welcome.

5. World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day is fairly new. It started in 2014 and was very successful, so it looks to be an annual event! During World Ballet Day, five major companies including the Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet (Canada), San Francisco Ballet, and the Australian Ballet live webcast their classes and rehearsals, interview dancers, and provide a backstage pass to a ballet company’s day to day. Since Carina and Harlequin are Canadian, here’s the National Ballet of Canada’s World Ballet Day video!


{57B5EDCA-1C48-4019-97E1-4EE8D16260AC}Img100 (1)Zed and ballet are my two greatest loves

It took all of Aly’s strength to get them back after a tragic accident ripped them from her six years ago. A long road to recovery led to her return, dancing full-time for the District Ballet Company and carrying Zed’s child. But Aly is slipping. Each day becomes a fight to keep her career from crumbling under the weight of younger talent, the scrutiny of the public eye and the limitations of her ever-changing body. A fight she fears she’s losing.

I’m scared Aly is broken to her core

Zed recognizes the signs, but he doesn’t know how to fix her. The accident left him with his own demons, and while he wants nothing more than to take care of the woman he loves, it’s getting harder the farther downward she spirals. When Aly’s life is threatened and Zed’s injuries prevent him from saving her, he’s never felt so useless, so afraid he’s not capable of being the man Aly and their child needs.

With new life comes new hope. And with their fractured lives already hanging by a thread, Aly and Zed must discover if they have what it takes—both together and apart—to rebuild and carry on.

Book Two of the District Ballet Company

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Katherine Locke lives and writes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she’s ruled by her feline overlords and her addiction to chai lattes. Her day jobs always vary, but in the past she’s worked in nuclear weapons abolition activism, lead poisoning prevention and education, and food safety at a mushroom farm. She secretly believes most stories are fairy tales in disguise.

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