Chaos Crew Trivia


By Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen, authors of SKIP TRACE

While building the world of Chaos Station, Jenn and I drew up character sheets for Zander and Felix and it constantly surprises me how well we’ve stuck to the facts. But after three books, things sneak into the story that weren’t exactly planned, such as Felix’s love of strawberries. Some of these facts are attributes we’ve had to pick along the way and others just…happened as our characters came to life.

Chaos Station series

  • Zed might have had the nickname Zee if he was written by an American.
  • Elias hates snakes.
  • Nessa served as a civilian doctor during the early part of the war.
  • Qek has a significant video collection…for educational purposes. No, really!
  • Felix’s favorite sport is basketball.
  • Zed’s decision to get involved with a married man during his first posting almost ended his career.
  • Nessa makes the best cookies in the galaxy.
  • Elias is a closet anarchist.
  • Felix’s birthday is February fifteenth. He hasn’t celebrated it in four years and doesn’t think Elias knows the date.
  • Qek practices her idiom use while the rest of the crew is sleeping. She probably makes use of her video collection then too.
  • Zed has a not so secret preference for expensive grooming products.
  • Humans and ashushk cannot eat one another’s food. They can drink one another’s booze, though!
  • Qek is ninety-two years old, Standard. That’s human time. Ashushk days and years are longer than ours, though, so she’s younger in Ashushk years, say about forty, which is considered a young adult.
  • Elias knows the date of Felix’s birthday, he just hasn’t figured out how to throw him a party without signing his own death warrant.
  • Zed’s “equipment” points slightly to the left.
  • Felix’s “equipment” is longer than Zed’s, thus proving the theory skinny little guys are always well hung.
  • Qek is only four feet, ten inches tall.
  • Felix is the second shortest member of the crew, by an eighth of an inch. As such, he prefers to leave his boots on at all times.
  • Nessa has considered buying boots with thicker soles just to taunt Felix.
  • Zed is the tallest, but not by much. He’s only got an inch or so on Elias.
  • Elias is completely and utterly unconcerned by comparisons of height, weight and build.
  • The Chaos is named for the primeval void from Greek mythology. The space from where the world came into being. Felix picked the name as a way of connecting with Zed, even though he never expected to see him again.
  • Felix loves strawberries.
What would you like to know about the Chaos crew?

lgcover.9781459290136SKIP TRACE by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Book three of Chaos Station

Zander Anatolius has been revived from the fatal effects of the super-soldier program, but now he has to face his estranged family and tell a story few would believe. With his lover and the crew of the Chaos at his side, Zander returns home to a media frenzy, threats from the military and pressure to join the family business.

Felix Ingesson still struggles with the horror of believing Zander dead. And no matter how strong their emotional connection is, Felix feels out of place in the glittery world of Zander’s rich family. His lover would be better off without a broken, low-class ship’s engineer holding him back.

When the crew receives word that another of Zander’s former teammates needs rescue, Felix travels with theChaos…setting Zander free. But when Zander is arrested for treason, the men realize they need each other as much as ever—not only to survive, but to make their lives worth living.

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Jenn and Kelly met in 2009 through a mutual infatuation with a man who wasn’t real. After all but crashing the video game’s forums with daily dissection of their obsession, they started writing together, discovered they really liked writing together and began plotting stories in worlds of their own creation.

The CHAOS STATION series aren’t the first books they’ve written together, and they’re pretty sure they won’t be the last. As long as their so-called smartphones keep making autocorrects that trigger brainstorming sessions, they’ll have enough character ideas and plots to keep them writing for years to come.

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3 thoughts on “Chaos Crew Trivia”

  1. Nicole Luiken says:

    Why is the series called Chaos Station when the Chaos is ship?

    (BTW I’m 75% of the way thru Lonely Shore. I may still be sniffing.)

    1. Jenn Burke says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your comment! The series name comes from the first book – we originally wanted to call the series “Chaos” but we didn’t want to compete with another famous romance series with that name.

      As for where the title of the first book came from…it’s sort of metaphorical. It refers to the chaos that happens on the station in the first book – and there’s a lot of it! The fact that the ship’s name is Chaos leads to a sort of play on words with the title.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Lonely Shore! :)


      1. Kelly Jensen says:

        I love how you assume Nicole is enjoying the book because she’s sniffling. :D

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