Piper J. Drake’s Top Five Memories Growing Up Asian-American


By Piper J. Drake, author of HIDDEN IMPACT

Any of these memories could be shared with kids growing up around the world, to be honest. These were the pieces of advice from the Asian adults around me that stuck in my mind well into adulthood.

Never let a guest go hungry

Most of my childhood memories center around the kitchen and food, helping my mother prepare meals for guests. This was how I learned to cook and how I learned you could put your caring and love into your food to feed the people who mean the most to you. This was how I learned to make people welcome in my home.

I post a lot of my most often-cooked recipes on the website of my alter-identity, PJ Schnyder and I have to admit, I tested out a lot of recipes to decide on what my heroine, Maylin was going to cook in Hidden Impact.

Fork and Spoon vs. Chopsticks

The Thai traditional utensils are a fork and spoon. I learned to use these to eat most meals. It’s a pet peeve of my mother’s whenever she watches the much-loved (historically inaccurate) musical, The King and I.

Chopsticks are for noodle soup dishes, many of which are of Chinese origin.

I also learned that it was okay to enjoy something, no matter where it came from, but respect its history.

Reading and Mythology

My mother spent time with me and my siblings as children, letting each of us take turns reading a page, or a chapter, as we had story time together. We grew up on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Folktales of Thailand and the Ramayana.

We learned that children grew up differently in different places. And that places had a broad spectrum of beliefs and mythology. Mythology, from any culture, was an adventure for us.


My mother and father were called into a parent-teacher conference when I was in 1st grade. They were told they should immediately stop me from speaking Thai. The teacher strongly believed growing up bilingual was confusing for me.

My parents respectfully disagreed. They also helped me learn to speak English only in public and let me speak Thai at home or when I was visiting family in Thailand. They didn’t pressure me. They didn’t make me.

I learned to love languages as a result.

Be a Doctor or a Lawyer

Parents, friends of the family, even now as an adult some of my parents’ well-meaning friends will ask if I’ll take my life sciences “day job” career to finally become a doctor.

When they were growing up, a doctor was a well-respected person in society and made enough income to live a comfortable life. Being a doctor, helping people, was the best future they could wish for a child with opportunities available to them.

This Thai commercial featuring a young boy growing up to be a doctor makes me cry every time:

What are some of your childhood memories?


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