10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Book Lover Tries To Keep


A new year is almost upon us. Will 2016 be the year you drop the grudge against your friend who ruined your first-edition copy of Harry Potter or you actually spend time outside? Here are 10 resolutions we should try to keep (even though they seem impossible):

1. I will not buy more books until my to-be-read pile is under control


2. I will balance my reading and exercise routines.

3. I will not cry when I find out how long I have to wait to read the next book in the series.

4. I will limit audible squeals in public to only the most squeal-worthy moments.

5. I will trust my friends to return borrowed books in a timely fashion and in the condition they were received.

6. I will read only one book at a time.

7. When going on vacation, I will only bring the number of books I plan to read.

8. I will not read past my bedtime.

Cinnamon Series

(source: https://cinnamonseries.com/post/73978775787)


9. I will spend more time enjoying nature instead of staying inside to read.

10. I will not mourn fictional characters.

Do you think you’ll be able to stick to any of these? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Book Lover Tries To Keep”

  1. Kate Willoughby says:

    Not a chance. LOL

  2. Bernie Robinson says:

    Erm, they are so hard to stick too. I’ll be guilty of breaking most if not all of them. ;-)

  3. Clair Jones says:

    Never gonna happen!

  4. Barbara Long says:

    LoL. I might keep two of them

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