2015 Year in Review — February Dear Reader Letter


Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. Here is a handy recap of all of our February 2015 releases. Enjoy!

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Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Angela and I am an unapologetic reader of romance. I love a happy ending and I’m happy to ignore the people who say that requiring a happy ending makes my reading predictable, boring, silly, embarrassing or whatever other adjective they use. The people who think that are the people who’ve never actually read all of the amazing romances available. This month, we have eight diverse, non-boring, fantastic romances to offer all of you who are unapologetically #TeamRomance along with me!

For those who are extra unapologetically happy to have their romances on the erotic side, Game Play is the exciting first book in Lynda Aicher’s new erotic romance series. When hockey golden child Samantha Yates is called in to help Minnesota Glaciers defenseman Dylan Rylie get his game back on track, it doesn’t take long before their on-ice competitiveness turns into rough, aggressive off-ice sex. The kind Sam likes but Dylan wants to change.

Also delivering a sexy erotic romance this month is Solace Ames’s The Companion Contract. When she’s offered an unusual contract—sexual companion to an eccentric legendary rock star—she accepts. She falls into an easy rhythm of control and submission—but it’s not her client who keeps her up at night and soon the price of submission might be too high…

Eleri Stone offers up an erotic romance in the fantasy genre. In The Shape of Temptation, an artistically gifted mage forced to play the pawn in her mentor’s bid for power comes to crave the sensual, hard-bodied—but lowborn—soldier she spends her days sculpting. Revisit this world in Threads of Desire.

Also in fantasy comes this alternate history mystery from April Taylor. Luke Ballard, now Henry IX’s Privy Inquirer and a Dominus Elemancer, falls victim to the seductive charms of a darkly mysterious beauty in Mantle of Malice.

You might like All for You by Christi Barth if contemporary romance is what you crave. When a straight-laced park ranger falls in love with a sexy professor hell-bent on exposing her darkest secret, she’s torn between a future with him or a past that must stay hidden.

This month, we welcome Alyssa Cole to Carina Press with her new adult post-apocalyptic romance Radio Silence. Arden Highmore doesn’t know if the world is really ending, but one thing’s certain: she’s falling for her best friend’s brother as they struggle to survive.

On behalf of the Carina Press team, I’m pleased to introduce two debut authors who have their first releases in February. First, in contemporary romance is Elizabeth Harmon’s Pairing Off. A scandal-plagued American figure skater’s last chance at gold means pairing up with Russia’s sexiest male skater…who happens to be the first man she ever loved.

Caitlin Sinead debuts with a new adult mystery romance, Heartsick, in which a terrifying plague sweeps across a small liberal arts school and the surrounding community, bringing town/gown relations to a head and forcing an artsy undergrad to team up with an older, secretive detective.

Coming in March 2015: HelenKay Dimon returns to Carina Press with a dirty-talking ex-Special Ops Marine, a prostitute and a street fighter find love in Victorian London, and we begin our love affair with a new space opera male/male series.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful month of books you love, remember and recommend. And a lifetime of enjoying romance without apology.

Happy reading!

~Angela James
Editorial Director, Carina Press

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