Girl Power!


By Kate Willoughby, author of UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT

In my most recent In the Zone book, UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT, the heroine, Christine Caspary, is an actress. She has been performing on the stage but is trying to make the transition to a much more lucrative TV career. She knows what she wants. She’s willing to fight her own battles. And she won’t settle for less than she deserves.

Because of her history in musical theatre—and my love of it—I mention many musicals in the book, and looking back at four of them, it’s funny how they all are about strong women.

  1. Before the story starts, Christine is tapped by the Grant A Wish Foundation on behalf of seven-year-old Lexie, in remission from leukemia. Lexie wanted to meet the Belle she saw in a performance of Beauty and The Beast, and Beauty was one of the first Disney princesses who didn’t wait around for her prince to come and she wasn’t afraid to stand up to the Beast…
  1. Later, Lexie suffers a setback and Christine visits her in the hospital and tries to cheer her up by singing a song from Frozen. She sings “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” but I think “Let it Go,” is more in character. If Christine were to play a part in Frozen, it would definitely be Elsa…
  1. Joe first becomes enamored of Christine when he sees her in a production of Chicago where her most memorable performance is during “Cell Block Tango,” a song in which female inmates sing about how the men in their lives “had it coming…”
  1. Christine also performs in Annie, as Grace Farrell, secretary to Daddy Warbucks. Grace is supposed to find an orphan for Daddy Warbucks to spend the day with, proving he’s benevolent. Even though Grace knows he’s expecting a boy, she brings him Annie. Here’s one of my favorite numbers showing Grace dancing, something Christine does very well.
Are you a fan of musicals? Do you sing in the car or the shower like I do?


UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT by Kate Willoughby

Stage actress Christine Caspary couldn’t care less about hockey, but when she first sees Joe Rutherford playing in a Barracudas game her mind goes to all sorts of dirty places. By happy chance, her work with Grant A Wish gives her an opportunity to meet him in the flesh.

Right winger Joe Rutherford saw Christine perform when the team went to see Chicago and was so taken with her, he secretly saw the show a second time, alone. When the gorgeous actress with spectacular legs contacts him out of the blue asking for a favor, it’s a no-brainer.

Their chemistry is off the charts. Things heat up quickly and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Soon they’re hooking up whenever their busy schedules allow and having hot phone sex every night at midnight when they don’t. But Joe’s time in the hockey spotlight is fading, just as Christine’s star begins to rise. When she gets her big break into a TV career, how will Joe take to being the arm candy for a change?

Kate Willoughby happily writes her hockey romances in Southern California. She is married and has two sons, a Chihuahua and a beta fish. When she’s not writing, she’s watching hockey. When it’s not hockey season, she whines a lot.

3 thoughts on “Girl Power!”

  1. robena grant says:

    Fabulous post. I love musicals and I always sing along, although I’m tone deaf. :) I don’t even mind when the story stops so they can swing around lamp posts or other seemingly ridiculous things. Love it all!
    Congrats! on the new release. I have your book waiting to be read (took a peek and it is yummy) must finish what I’m reading first then you are next. ;)

  2. Kate Willoughby says:

    Yay, Roben! They don’t make musicals like they used to, except on Broadway, and even those are different.

  3. Marcy Shuler says:

    Hi Kate! I finished your book yesterday and really loved Christine and Joe!

    I haven’t seen a lot of musicals but have enjoyed the ones I did. If I’m not singing the songs out loud I am following along with the lyrics in my head. LOL

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