Carina Press Submission Call for FIVE 2016 Romance Anthologies


Carina Press is pleased to announce calls for five new anthologies publishing March-June 2017 both individually as novellas and as an anthology. Please see below for descriptions of each individual anthology call, closing dates and submission guidelines. The novellas should be from 25,000 to 40,000 words each and will be digitally published both individually and as collections. We’re accepting submissions of new material only; nothing that has been previously published (including self-published) for this particular call, please!

Too Taboo: A Forbidden Erotic Romance Anthology

We’re seeking dark, erotic thrillers and psychological thrillers; stories of adultery and betrayal; characters with unusual sexual kinks; conflicts involving socially unacceptable pairings (teacher/student, prisoner/parole officer, step-siblings); real unredeemable bad boys and bad girls; tales of forced seduction/capture fantasies; stories taking place in unlikely locations (like prisons or mental health hospitals). Think along the lines of the movie Memento, Marly’s Choice by Lora Leigh and Prisoner by Annika Martin and Skye Warren.

Submission link: 

Closing date: August 1st, 2016

Decision made by: August 19th, 2016 EDIT: Decision will be made August 24, 2016


Sexy Shifters: A Male/Male Romance Anthology

We love paranormal romance but we especially love those shifters. Dragons, cats, werewolves, bears (yes, please!) birds of prey, did we say dragons? And more! We want two heroes, at least one of whom should be a shifter, with enough sexual tension, attitude, conflict and toughness to bring us into their shifter worlds.

Submission link:

Closing date: September 20th, 2016

Decision made by: October 6th, 2016 EDIT: Decision will be made October 28, 2016


Sexy Shifters: A Het Romance Anthology

Like above, bring on your paranormal romances featuring shifters of all kinds (but maybe not octopuses or hamsters, please!) and a hero and heroine who captivate us—and each other—from the first page. Wars between clans, shifter politics, human v. shifter interrelations…bring the conflict and the sexiness to the page! What’s that you say? Writing a shifter menage (or more) story? Bring it on!

Submission link:

Closing date: September 20th, 2016

Decision made by: October 6th, 2016 EDIT: Decision will be made October 28, 2016


Alien Love: A Romance Anthology

We’re looking for romances featuring at least one main character from another world. Maybe your hero is a hot alien from a brutal warrior society, or your heroine is a badass alien adventurer. Tone of the stories should be sexy, but can range from darker to campier, sensual to trashy. Set on Earth, set in space or taking us to another dimension, we want to see new races, new cultures and lots of sexual tension. Authors we love who do this well include Laurann Dohner and Penelope Fletcher.

Submission link:

Closing date: September 6th, 2016

Decision made by: September 16th, 2016 EDIT: Decision will be made September 27, 2016


A Jewel Thief, Capers and Heists Anthology

We’d like to read about heroes and heroines who are either in it together or facing off on opposite sides of the law. Tone-wise, anything goes, from dark, supersexy stories in the vein of the television show Banshee to the fun, quirky, somewhat absurdist feel of Spotless by Camilla Monk or the classic Samantha Jellicoe series by Suzanne Enoch. Extra points for diamond or jewel theft storylines.

Submission link:

Closing date: October 4th, 2016

Decision made by: October 19th, 2016  EDIT: Decision will be made October 28, 2016

Carina Press accepts submissions of full, completed manuscripts. If you have previously published with Carina or another digital/traditional publisher, or if you have independently published multiple books with a solid positive rating history, you are invited to submit a proposal. However, the editorial team reserves the right to request a full manuscript prior to making a final decision, and all full manuscripts for accepted novellas would be due to editor 6 weeks after the close of anthology call.


Are same sex pairings permitted in the calls that don’t specify? Yes, we’ll absolutely consider same sex pairings or multiples in the taboo, alien, shifters, and heist/caper calls.

What’s the word count for these calls? The word count is in the first paragraph! 25k-40k words.

What if I write more than 40k words or less than 25k? We’ll consider novellas that are within a few thousand words on either side (I know, we’re so strict) but if you write a lot longer, never fear, we’re acquiring longer books in these same genres outside the anthology calls! If you write shorter, we hope you can add more plot, story, characterization to bring it up to 25k!

If I submit on proposal, when is the full manuscript due if my manuscript is accepted? Approximately 6 weeks after the anthology close date for each individual anthology.

Do I need to have a synopsis? 

A synopsis is not required for this particular call, but if you have one, please include it! In the event that we acquire your novella, we will ask for one at that point.

If I’m a returning author, should I submit to you or to my editor? Submit via the individual Submittable link for the call you’re submitting to, please!

How do royalties work? These will publish individually as novellas, in which case you’ll get the full, individual royalties for your novella sales. They also publish as anthologies, for which you split the same royalty structure with the other authors–for the sale of the full anthology eBook only.

For questions about this call for submissions, please email us at

For more information about Carina Press, and to read the submission guidelines, please visit

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20 thoughts on “Carina Press Submission Call for FIVE 2016 Romance Anthologies”

  1. Kimber Li says:

    You know what I could totally go for? Lighthearted and romantic, swashbuckling, adventurous with witty comebacks, and anything *except* a kick-butt heroine and alpha male, like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Three Musketeers (1994 version.)

    Reality is so dark right now when we watch the news, graphic sex is everywhere. There’s so little scope for the imagination, in my opinion. Wouldn’t it be great to have laugh-out-loud fun?

    I know authors who can deliver that in the SFR arena. Not so sure about the other genres/subgenres.

    1. Thia says:

      I agree!

  2. Alice Renaud says:

    I have an idea for a jewel heist story featuring paranormal/futuristic/urban fantasy elements (with a hint of gothic). Hope those are OK! After all, Camilla Monk had killer platypuses :-)

  3. Jenny says:

    ooh just saw this, but you guys keep saying no hamster shifters which is so unfair because now that’s all I can think about (it would be so cool, and really syrian hamster’s are minature bears and tough as anything and he’d be this big tough guy and horribly desperately shamed about his shifting, and he wouldn’t tell anyone, and they’d be these these awful rumors that maybe he was a hyena or even one of those that ate they’re own kind, and he’d start playing into the rumors because they’re awful but at least that was better than the truth, and he’d drift away from the pack (he couldn’t take over from his alpha father obviously) and he wouldn’t see anyone for years but then his childhood sweetheat (male I think for this) would come looking for him because they needed to break into the council chamber for reasons and the only way they it can be done is by whatshisname sneaking in as a hamster and they would be so glad to see so happy to see each other but hide it like anything, and, I have given this way too much thought, but seriously it would be cool.) and I might have to write it just to get it out my head.

    1. Donna says:

      ROFLMAO… I love it! Please write this! LOL!!!!

  4. Alice Renaud says:

    I just love the hamster story. Love it.

  5. A.O.Chika says:

    Does Too Taboo have to be in a contemporary setting?

    1. Angela James says:

      @A.O. Chika– the Too Taboo does not need to be in a contemporary setting.

      @Alice Renaud–yes, totally okay!

      @Stephanie Hurt–you can email submissions AT with questions about previously published material

  6. I recently read that you were looking for cowboy romance and that if it has been self-published already you might still look at it. I have a cowboy series of six books and all have already been published. Would this be something Carina would be interested in and if so where would it fall in the submission process?

  7. Dominica says:

    I was just wondering, are we allowed to submit to multiple anthologies?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Dominica, you are more than welcome to submit to more than one anthology!

  8. Do the stories have to include sex or is just sexual tension ok?

    1. Angela James says:

      @Nicole: it depends on which anthology you’re referring to. The erotic romance anthology requires sex. The others, we will consider stories that have only sexual tension.

  9. there is some impediment , that I am of mexico to send my writing to you under pseudonyms … or my name in English

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi George, submitting from another country is not a problem, we have many international authors. However, your submission does need to be in English.

  10. Carri M. says:

    Hi! Are you only taking proposals for stories from previously published authors for the 5 Anthologies or can anyone submit a proposal?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Carri, here’s the info from the post: If you have previously published with Carina or another digital/traditional publisher, or if you have independently published multiple books with a solid positive rating history, you are invited to submit a proposal.

      Hope that helps, please let me know if you have more questions!

  11. Kaitlyn Kuhar says:

    Will Carina send a notice to the authors (rejection or acceptance) for all submissions?

    1. Angela James says:

      Yes, everyone receives a reply!

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