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Until July 31, 2016, you can save 30% site-wide at, using coupon code RWA3016! Because Carina Press authors and staff are also Carina Press readers, we asked them which books they recommend you pick up during the sale.

Jenn Burke, co-author of the Chaos Station series:

CARINA_1114_9781426890451_FairGameA REASON TO BELIEVE by Diana Copland: I love stories with cops and stories with psychics, and this has both! Kiernan and Matthew make a great team.

FAIR GAME by Josh Lanyon: Josh Lanyon is one of my go-to authors for fantastic m/m mysteries, and I think the All’s Fair series is one of the best out there. I can’t wait for book 3!

IN THE FIRE by Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels: If you’re a foodie, the In the Kitchen series is a must read, particularly this middle volume. It’s a hard-won happily-ever-after for these guys!


Ana Luxton, Marketing Director, Single Title

0616_9781459291980_Didn'tIWarnYou_WebThe Bad for You series by Amber Bardan: If you’re looking for a sexy, action-packed series, I recommend picking up Amber Bardan’s DIDN’T I WARN YOU and DIDN’T YOU PROMISE—but be forewarned! You are going to be up all night reading these because they’re as addictive as candy!

Emma Barry, author of The Easy Part series

ifistayThe Montgomery Manor series by Tamara Morgan: I loved these books! They’re set on a Connecticut estate and have a Sabrina/modern Downton Abbey/upstairs—downstairs vibe. They’re smart, sexy, and funny—the perfect cocktail.


Laura Carter, author of the Vengeful Love series

CARINA_0715_9781459290013_UnderContractACT LIKE IT by Lucy Parker: As a Brit myself, I have to tell you ALL to read Lucy Parker’s witty rom-com set in London’s West End. It’s funny, smart and downright adorable.

Erotic romance: If you want serious heat and good storytelling, look no further than Kira A. Gold’s THE DIRTY SECRET. In UNDER CONTRACT, let Jeffe Kennedy convince you that having a contract for sexual favors in return for money is somehow okay…and, in fact, seriously hot!

Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor, Carina Press

DoubleShotFinalThe Long Shots series by Christine d’Abo: Some of the first books I read when I joined Carina Press were from this series, and I recently found myself re-reading a few of them while on vacation. They’re just as tightly-crafted, sexy, and clever now as they were when they were first published and we’re so lucky to have them on our list. Start with DOUBLE SHOTyou won’t be disappointed.


Lucy Parker, author of ACT LIKE IT

9781426899621-COVContemporary romance: If you like gritty romance with lots of sexual tension and emotional pay-off, I highly recommend Julianna Keyes‘s books, particularly TIME SERVED, and for fans of steamy, alpha-hero romance, Laura Carter’s Vengeful Love trilogy. And if you like lighter contemporary romance, Alison Packard’s pairing of soap opera actors in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON is a super fun read.

Historical romance: One of my favorite historical romances is Susanna Fraser’s THE SERGEANT’S LADY. Susanna Fraser has a similar ability to authors like Carla Kelly to create heroines and heroes who feel like real people, and to make you strongly invest in their happily-ever-after.

Heather Goldberg, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Carina Press

CARINA_0615_9781426899959_TurningItOnContemporary romance: If you like romances with a touch of issues that are still fun and light, check out Elizabeth Harmon’s Red Hot Russians series. PAIRING OFF is a 2016 RITA Award finalist for Best First Book. And TURNING IT ON features a Jewish heroine! ✡✡✡

Mystery: Julie Moffett’s Lexi Carmichael Mystery series will have you rooting for Lexi, a slightly awkward, yet brilliant, accidental sleuth. In Lisa Q. Mathews’s Ladies Smythe & Westin series, an amateur crime-solving duo of a reformed party girl reminiscent of Cher from Clueless and a spry resident from a Florida retirement community have more than a few obstacles to overcome to help the good guys win. Yentas, humor, and witty banter? I’m in!

Amanda Weaver, author of The Grantham Girls series

0316_9781459294349_The Dirty Secret_WebTHE DIRTY SECRET by Kira A. Gold: This is a steamy, riveting read, but it’s also lyrical, seductive, and a visual masterpiece, a delicious blend of sex and art. The characters and scenes come to life in perfect, beautiful detail. Kira Gold delivers a beautifully written, evocative treat for the senses.


Julianna Keyes, author of the Time Served

1115_9781459290587_ActLikeIt_webACT LIKE IT by Lucy Parker: My favorite type of hero is the jerk who has to redeem himself, and temperamental Richard has a long way to go. Combined with Parker’s brilliantly funny (and simply brilliant) writing, this book was one I couldn’t put down and recommend often.



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