September 2016 Dear Reader Letter


Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. Get ready for your TBR list to grow; here is a handy guide to all of our September 2016 releases. Enjoy!


Dear Reader,

I write these letters months in advance, so when reading this, you’re thinking about September weather, but while writing it, I’m still trying to survive May’s downpour. That means that sometimes I miss the opportunity to tell you about the cool things we’re doing until months later.

The Carina Press Romance Promise is one of those things. Implemented this past June, the promise is simple—we’re promising an HEA or HFN on our books tagged with the Carina Press Romance Promise in the book’s description. While we firmly believe in the necessity of a romance ending in an HEA, we also realize that in today’s publishing world, others may sometimes call a book a romance, but then the ending might not always deliver on the most important of romance reader expectations. So the Carina Press Romance Promise doesn’t mean we’re doing anything different with our romance, just that we’re reaffirming our commitment to you, the reader, to deliver an HEA or HFN in our romance books. Visit our website if you’re curious to find out more about this promise.

This month, we have a variety of romance to kick off your fall, including one debut contemporary romance author with two back-to-back releases. Take one young fallen starlet, add one older Sexiest Man Alive costar and you have the makings of a Hollywood Hot Mess by Evie Claire. And since we know how agonizing the wait for book two in a duology can be, the very next week we’re giving you the second part of Carly and Devon’s story, where they’ll have to overcome ruthless Hollywood execs, a blackmailing show-mance fiancée and merciless tabloids in what could be a Total Trainwreck before they get to their happily-ever-after.

Historical romance author Amanda Weaver brings another Grantham Girls tale this month with A Reluctant Betrothal. Grace’s last chance at a respectable marriage is about to be thwarted by her betrothed’s best friend, and as she fights for her engagement, she finds herself falling in love with the wrong man. Don’t miss the other books in this series, A Duchess in Name and A Common Scandal.

This September, we have three fantastic male/male contemporary romances to share, including one debut author! Annabeth Albert introduced you to the #gaymers in Status Update and Beta Test. This month she wraps up the trilogy with Connection Error. When a snowstorm strands a video game designer and an injured navy SEAL together at an unfamiliar airport, the two bond while playing games, but when the heat between the pair starts rising, they must work to decide if there’s a future together or if it’s game over on this fling.

Can childhood best friends Marc and Anthony make a real relationship work after eight life-altering years apart? Find out in Say It Right, from fan-favorite male/male romance author A.M. Arthur.

And introducing debut author Sidney Bell with her absolutely fantastic male/male romantic suspense novel, Bad Judgment, in which bodyguard Brogan Smith is drawn into a maze of murder and illegal guns when he falls for his dangerous new client’s gorgeous, secretive boyfriend.

That wraps up September but don’t forget we have a significant backlist of more than 1,000 titles across romance, mystery, science fiction and fantasy to help carry you through the chilly fall nights! Check out some you may have missed, including contemporary romances Chain of Command by HelenKay Dimon and Second Position by Katherine Locke, historical romance The Fighter and the Fallen Woman by Pamela Cayne, erotic romance One Cut Deeper by Joely Sue Burkhart and romantic suspense Blamed by Edie Harris.

As always, until next month, my fellow book lovers, here’s wishing you a wonderful month of books you love, remember and recommend.

Happy reading!

Angela James

Editorial Director, Carina Press

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