The Eight Oaths of Knighthood


By Lauren D.M. Smith, author of ENVELOPING SHADOWS

As Terrwyn, the main character in Enveloping Shadows, is a knight, I found myself doing a lot of research and thinking about knighthood in general. Her knighthood and oaths are a very important part of her life and identity, so they were something I really needed to flesh out. In the process, I created the eight oaths all knights in her country have to swear to in order to receive their knighthood from my research.

  1. Keep your word and your honour

-This one almost goes without saying, but untarnished honour is considered the greatest treasure a knight can have. This is probably Terrwyn’s favourite oath


  1. Defend those who cannot defend themselves

-A knight’s job is to always protect others, especially those weaker than themselves. Terrwyn probably works hardest at this oath


  1. Treat all women with the respect and care you would show the queen

-Terrwyn always takes this oath as treating everyone as you would the queen. She also thinks, privately, that they should have reworded this oath when they started allowing female knights


  1. Give mercy when asked

-This includes when you don’t want to. Terrwyn has struggled with this oath more than with any other, especially when it comes to anyone who has hurt Aricia.


  1. Put the needs of others before personal gain

-This is another that Terrwyn feels goes without saying as it can be a slippery slope towards evil if you’re too concerned with yourself.


  1. Serve the king and kingdom loyally and true

-Knights are first and foremost servants of the kingdom and king. He is their master above all others and they owe him and their people their undivided loyalty. Terrwyn holds this true both with the king and with Aricia



  1. Shun unfairness, cruelty and deceit

-Knights are to keep away from behaviour that could taint them or their knighthood. Terrwyn finds this oath especially lacking in some of her fellow knights


  1. Live in a way that upholds the knightly traits of bravery, kindness, generosity, chivalry, forgiveness, and honour.

-Though she may struggle with some of them at times, Terrwyn does her best to live up to each trait

Which oath would you find the hardest to live up to?


ENVELOPING SHADOWS by Lauren D.M. Smithcarina_1216_9781488020148_-envelopingshadows_web

A fierce and beautiful warrior. 
A man of secrets and shadows. 
Only together can they stop the awakening horror. 

Rumors of monsters and dark magic are circulating through the court, but Terrwyn is little concerned. Her superb sword skills are all she needs to protect the princess Aricia—and as chief bodyguard, the princess’s safety is Terrwyn’s only mission.

Too late, she realizes her mistake: a stranger cloaked in darkness snatches the princess before Terrwyn can react.

When a handsome stranger emerges from the shadows to save her life, Terrwyn has little choice but to allow him to accompany her. Zelek, shrouded in secrecy and on a mission of his own, has special skills that Terrwyn needs.

Together the warrior and the shadow-whisperer forge a plan to rescue the princess, and find themselves plummeting not only headlong into evil, but into the depths of passion and love.

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