The Dangerous Road to Romance



We all know that traveling with someone is a great test of a relationship. If the first few dates are going well, the next step is to try a road trip for a getaway weekend. Then you’ll really understand how well you get along. Do you share toothpaste, or use individual tubes? Is one person an early riser and the other likes to sleep in? Or is there a singer in the car while someone else prefers the original version?

These tests of a relationship are nothing when compared to a romantic suspense road trip. Sure, it can be annoying to the driver if the passenger needs to take a bathroom break every twenty miles, but add dangerous bad guys on your tail, and you’ve really got problems.

And you’ve also got a great way of finding out just how compatible you are. Take April and James from Seconds to Sunrise for example. She’s a war widow who runs a website for other widows and he’s a former SAS soldier who’d been assigned by the secret organization Automatik to protect her. They’re pretty different people, and they’re not even supposed to meet, but when April’s attacked, James steps in to help.

Her website had been hacked and all the other widows might have their identities stolen. The attack James stops is meant to keep April from pursuing the hackers. But because she created the website encryption herself, she’s the only one who can track the hackers and stop them. James has to take her on the road, and their trip begins.

From high-end hotels to seedy motels, you never know where a romantic suspense road trip will lead. And that’s part of the fun, right? It’s also a great way for the characters to learn each other. They’re forced to balance each other because they’re under pressure and the stakes are high.

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses allows them to grow closer and see how they fit together. Not only will they need that support from each other when it comes time to finally face the bad guys, but it’s also a foundation for a romance that can last after the road trip is over.

So what kind of deal breakers do you have on a road trip? Anything you can’t tolerate, or is there something that you have to have that might set the other person off?

For me, I’ve got to be able to sing along to the radio. Here’s one of my favorites:

2 thoughts on “The Dangerous Road to Romance”

  1. R.L. Merrill says:

    That’s a great road trip song. I recently released a novel called Road Trip, and my fascination was about how exciting it would be to be in this surreal setting where real life didn’t have to come into play… and then I threw real life at them. I’ve got your book on my TBR, and I’m anxious to read it now! It reminds me of that scene from Speed where they discuss the fact that relationships formed under stressful situations never last… I’ll look forward to seeing what happens in yours!

  2. Nico Rosso says:

    Hey, R.L., your book sounds like a fascinating mix of reality and fantasy. Thanks for picking up my book! Hope you enjoy it. I know what you mean about that line from Speed and I hope I created strong reasons to believe the relationship lasts beyond the danger.

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