Now Hiring: Freelance Cover Copy Writers


Carina Press is hiring additional cover copy writers! We’re in search of talented writers interested in the adult fiction genres we publish, have the marketing understanding of what makes catchy cover copy and know how best to position a particular book in the marketplace. All candidates should have previous editorial, marketing or copywriting experience in traditional or e-publishing.

Please read the below carefully. Respondents who don’t meet the requirements or who don’t include the requested material will not receive a reply.


* One year paid experience in an editorial, marketing or copywriting capacity. In lieu of paid experience, we will accept internships in which the applicant worked with fiction and provided editorial feedback or marketing support.

* Understanding of the difference between writing a synopsis and writing copy that teases the reader with just enough essential information to make them want to buy and read.

* Ability to identify the key hooks or themes of a book and focus on highlighting those in the copy.

* Ability to write copy based on little more than a brief synopsis or proposal.

* Ability to write short and cut as needed to meet strict word count/character count requirements.

* Ability to take direction and feedback and incorporate it into future assignments.

* Ability to self-motivate, stay on task and meet deadlines consistently.

* Understanding of and insight into the genres you choose to write copy for.

* Genuine love of reading and the craft of writing.

If you meet these qualification requirements, are interested in working in a freelance capacity for a flat per-assignment fee and would like to learn more, please send your CV and a letter of interest detailing your qualifications to Please explain why you are interested in working for Carina Press and identify in which genres you feel you’d be most qualified to work.

We will respond to qualified applicants who submit all requested information with further information about the position. Applicants who are being considered will be asked to complete a copywriting test, so please be prepared to go through this process.

To apply: please put Your Name: COVER COPY WRITING (ie Kerri Buckley: COVER COPY WRITING) in subject line, attach CV and, in body of email, include a letter of interest detailing qualifications (please see above), why you’re interested in Carina Press, and what genres you’re most qualified to write copy for.

Respondents who don’t meet the requirements or who don’t include the requested material will not receive a reply.

This freelance opportunity will remain open until April 6, 2017

3 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Freelance Cover Copy Writers”

  1. Ashley Williams says:

    Hi, I’m trying to apply for this position, but the email address: is coming back undeliverable. Is there another email address that I can send my letter of interest to?

    1. K. Lessnau says:

      Looks like that is a typo that, oddly enough, corrects itself on the ‘respond to a comment’ version of the page. Try “” and that should work for you.

  2. Angela James says:

    It does appear to be a typo, we’ll get that fixed. Thank you to K. Lessnau for pointing out the correct email address!

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