Call for Submissions: Contemporary Royal Romance Anthology


Calling all modern-day kings and queens, princes and princesses…

Carina Press is very pleased to announce a call for royal-themed romances, to be digitally published both individually as novellas and as an anthology. Please see below for specific information on what we’re seeking, closing dates and submission guidelines.

The novellas should be from 25,000 to 40,000 words each. We’re accepting submissions of new material only; nothing that has been previously published (including self-published) for this particular call, please!

Description/story focus:

There aren’t nearly enough tiaras to go around, in our opinion.

We’re looking to bring readers inside the contemporary royal court—wherever that may be—with tales of unconventional princesses, groveling hangers-on, bitchy queen mums, and princes behaving very badly. Whisk us away from the commoners and into a world where the crown jewels are super-sized, the palaces are sumptuous, and being so front-and-center in the public eye makes true love…tricky.

Think TV’s The Royals, not The Crown. We’re after storylines so juicy and salacious they’d make tabloid editors blush.

Novellas should be contemporary in setting and royals or royalty must be key to the story, conflict or character development. However, your modern-day royalty can be based in fictitious principalities and be royal figures with made-up titles. Want to write a beautiful countess and a down-and-dirty duke from the land of Cliffbrook (we just made up that name on the spot)? Bring. It. On.

**Please note, the use of actual people as main characters is prohibited.

Stories should stand alone, though they can be part of existing series or the start of a new series or trilogy, they should contain a satisfying romance as part of the central plot and storyline, and should conclude with an HEA or HFN. Heat level can be from low to the erotic, as long as the focus is on the romance.

Submission link:


Closing date: July 30, 2017

Decision made by: September 22, 2017

To submit:

• Complete* manuscript in .doc, .docx or .rtf

• Query letter containing a 2 paragraph description of the story, as well as an introduction to yourself as a writer.

*While Carina Press generally only accepts submissions of full, completed manuscripts, if you have previously published with Carina or another digital/traditional publisher, or if you have independently published multiple books with a solid positive rating history, please query about submitting a proposal. If we agree to look at a proposal in place of a full manuscript, the editorial team reserves the right to request a full manuscript prior to making a final decision, and all full manuscripts for accepted novellas would be due to editor 6 weeks after the close of anthology call.



Are same sex pairings permitted? Yes, we’ll absolutely consider same sex pairings or multiples in this anthology.

What’s the word count for this call? The word count is 25k-40k words.

What if I write more than 40k words or less than 25k? We’ll consider novellas that are within a few thousand words on either side (I know, we’re so strict) but if you write a lot longer, never fear, we’re acquiring longer books in this same genre outside the anthology call! If you write shorter, we hope you can add more plot, story, characterization to bring it up to 25k!

If I submit on proposal, when is the full manuscript due if my manuscript is accepted? Approximately 6 weeks after the anthology close date for each individual anthology.

Do I need to have a synopsis? A synopsis is not required for this particular call, but if you have one, please include it! In the event that we acquire your novella, we will ask for one at that point. What we do require is a two paragraph description of the novella story, to be included in your query letter.

When will the anthology and novellas be published? They will be released simultaneously in May 2018.

If I’m a returning author, should I submit to you or to my editor? Submit via the unique Submittable link for this anthology, please.

How do royalties work? These will publish individually as novellas, in which case you’ll get the full, individual royalties for your novella sales. They also publish as anthologies, for which you split the same royalty structure with the other authors–for the sale of the full anthology eBook only.

For questions about this call for submissions, please email us at

For more information about Carina Press, and to read our submission guidelines, please visit

*Permission to forward granted*

13 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Contemporary Royal Romance Anthology”

  1. Enrico Lamet says:

    As I published author in the US and Europe, I am seeking a new publisher. My US publisher, Adams Media, has chosen to publish only children books.
    I have completed 2 works, a modern romance, and a historical one. I can send you a synopsis and the first chapter of Stanley’s Lovers if you favor me with an email address.
    Thank you for helping me out of this maze of information available on your web.
    Most cordially,
    Enrico Lamet

    1. Stephanie Doig says:

      Hi, Enrico,

      We do not accept submissions via email, but you are welcome to upload your submission here, provided it fits the guidelines.

      Thank you,
      Stephanie Doig
      Assistant Editor, Carina Press

  2. Cynthia Thomas says:

    I am an inspirational individual desiring to become an author in the US, I am seeking to publish “Winter Mix” my first of many romance novels. I don’t have an agent because this will be my first time reaching out for encouragement from your publishing company. I have contacted other publishing companies but I found your Publishing Co. to be more inline with what I am seeking.
    (Winter Mix is a saucy, stimulating romance with an alarming ending) if you’re interested please contact me:

    1. Carina Press Editorial Staff says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! You are correct in that we accept unagented submissions.

      If WINTER MIX is the right fit for our royal anthology call (royalty is central to the plot, the setting is contemporary and the story is 25,000-40,000 words long), please submit it following the guidelines listed above using the submission link.

      If WINTER MIX isn’t a royalty-themed novella, you can submit it to the appropriate genre here. You can review our submission guidelines for more information on submitting, and you can email us at if you need help or have any more questions about the submissions process.

      Thank you,
      Stephanie Van de Vooren
      Editorial Assistant, Carina Press

  3. Dominica says:

    Would a fantasy based romance be okay to submit?

    1. Carina Press Editorial Staff says:

      Hi Dominica,

      We are looking for contemporary romance (with royals) only for this call.

      Stephanie Van de Vooren
      Editorial Assistant, Carina Press

  4. Marna Reed says:

    Hello, Carina Press editors,

    How long is an appropriate length for the synopsis (I know it’s optional, but I’d like to write one to help organize my thoughts)? And should it be double-spaced like the manuscript?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Marna Reed says:

      Also adding on, should we address a specific editor in the query/cover letter (per the Winter 2017 Wishlist) for our anthology submission?

  5. Angela James says:

    Thanks for the questions, Marna. If you want to submit a synopsis, 2-3 pages doublespaced is completely sufficient.

    There is no specific editor to address these to. You can either use “Editors” or if you like a specific person, you can address it to me. I know sometimes that opening can be the most challenging!

  6. laura says:

    hello, I wanted to ask how many stories we can submit and it we can do all stories in one setting?

  7. REENA SINGH says:

    hello I am from India , . can one of the character be royal and the other a commoner?

    1. Angela James says:

      Reena, so sorry we missed this question. Only one character needs to be royal.

      1. REENA SINGH says:


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