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Loose Cannon is the story of two men coping with change—Edgar-Allen Church is trying to overcome a violent past and a bad childhood, and Miller Quinn is coming to terms with his sexuality while concealing his struggle from his family. Transformation can be tough to write about, but here are some songs that helped me capture my heroes’ journeys.


Brandon—Shame OST, Harry Escott

I prefer music without lyrics when I’m working on complicated scenes because it sets a mood without distracting me from my thought process. “Brandon,” like most of the Shame soundtrack, is complex, weary, and troubled, and the piece resonated with me through writing the entire first draft of Loose Cannon. Both Church and Miller stumble from time to time and I had to write some pretty gut-wrenching moments to reflect that reality. This piece fit the tone of those scenes flawlessly.


Let Me In—Snowmine

Church fell in love with Miller when he was only sixteen, and that means he has years of pining under his belt. Despite this, Church is determined to be patient with Miller’s fumbling attempts at learning about who he really is, even if that means concealing his feelings until Miller’s in a better place. “Let Me In” perfectly cues in to that secret plea that Church doesn’t dare speak aloud.


Ode to My Family—The Cranberries

It’s easy to write off intolerant people as villains, but it’s rarely that simple in practice, especially when the villains in question are people we love. Like all families, Miller’s family is flawed, and through much of the book he’s torn between two needs that seem very mutually exclusive—his desire to make his family proud, and his desire to be with Church. While I don’t envy Miller his tough choice, I think it’s an all-too-common one, and this song does a lovely job of capturing what it feels like to recall easier times with a heavy heart.


Chelsea Dagger—The Fratellis

You can’t write about two Chicago Blackhawks fans falling in love without at least one listen to the song that forms the basis for the Chicago Goal Horn, which plays anytime the Blackhawks score. The music after the horn comes from the indie-rock song Chelsea Dagger, and just like Church does in the book, Chicago fans tend to sing along as loudly as possible whenever they hear it. Be warned, the chorus is about as earworm-y as music can get, although fans of other teams don’t seem to enjoy it as much for some reason. ;D


So that’s the Loose Cannon playlist! Which songs would you pick as the soundtrack for your most transformative moments?


About the Author:

Sidney Bell lives in the drizzly Pacific Northwest with her amazingly supportive husband. When she’s not writing, she’s playing violent video games, yelling at the television during hockey games, or supporting her local library by turning books in late. Visit her online at


Loose Cannon Blurb:

“An edge-of-your-seat tale of suspense paired with a heart-stopping romance. Sidney Bell does it again, rescuing indelible characters from a tricky situation.”—Sarina Bowen, USA TODAY bestselling coauthor of Him 

Released after five years in the system for assault, streetwise Edgar-Allen Church is ready to leave the past behind and finally look to his future. In need of a place to crash, he’s leaning on Miller Quinn. A patient, solidly masculine pillar of strength and support, Miller has always been there for him—except in the one way Church has wanted the most.

With his staunchly conservative upbringing, Miller has been playing it straight his whole life. Now with Church so close again, it’s getting harder to keep his denial intact. As they fumble their way back to friendship after so many years apart, Miller struggles to find the courage to accept who he really is. What he has with Church could be more than desire—it could be love. But it could also mean trouble.

Church’s criminal connections are closing in on the both of them, and more than their hearts are at risk. This time, their very lives are on the line.


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  1. Rob says:

    I’m so pleased I’ve found this book from this authoress. Her characters wormed their way into life. As Church says at the final scene “su casa es mi casa“, well their emotions became mine.
    Sidney Bell is now on my New Books alert list, I’m going to love reading more from her.

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