10 Easy Steps to Help You Identify Your Equine Discovery


Have You Found a Horse or a Kelpie?


  1. Are you near water? (An ocean, river, lake, fjord, or loch?)
    • Continue to Question 2.
    • Chances are you’re looking at a horse, but to be sure, continue to Q2.
    • It’s very dark and I’m not sure. Continue to Q2.


  1. Is the horse by itself, or with a herd?
    • Solitary horse. Continue to Q3.
    • Cluster of ponies. Probably safe unless you’re holding a bucket of apples, but check Q3.
    • It’s very dark and I’m not sure. Continue to Q3.


  1. Is the equine gorgeous and proud, fit to be ridden by a king or knight? The kind of horse that could elevate a family’s fortunes if you captured it and brought it home?
    • Best be cautious. In this case DON’T ride it like you stole it. Proceed to Q4 instead.
    • Likely a wild pony or escaped domestic horse. See Q4.



  1. Is the creature wearing a bridle?
    • Proceed to Q5.
    • Proceed to Q6.


  1. Can you place an enchanted bridle upon it?
    • It would not be wise to try that. Proceed to Q6.
    • Where do you even get an enchanted bridle? Wal-Mart? Amazon? Tractor Supply? Q6!


  1. Is the horse being ridden, or accompanied by a person?
    • If the person isn’t screaming, it’s probably just a horse. Proceed to Q7.
    • No – proceed to Q9.
    • Dear God, what is that thing? Next question, already!


  1. Are they filming an aftershave or beer commercial in the vicinity?
    • You’re probably safe, but check Q8, just for giggles.
    • Check Q8, quickly.
    • WTF? – We’re being thorough, here. Check Q8.



  1. Is the rider screaming while being dragged into the water?
    • Oh crap. It’s either a Kelpie or the aftershave commercial has gone horribly awry.
    • Feel free to hang out and drool over the horse and/or rider.

  1. Does the creature seem to be urging you onto its back?
    • Maybe, but I like to ride horses. #YOLO.
    • Run. Run for your life.
    • This is a horse.



  1. Is the creature attracted to the scent of cloves? Or fear? Or blood?
    • Hello? Are you still there?



K.L. White writes. If not paranormal stories, then computer code or technical documentation.  When she’s not writing, she’s reading. Often in the form of audiobooks playing in the cab of her big ol’ pickup truck. She lives on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country and breeds Norwegian Fjord horses. You can find her online at www.klwhite.net  or on either Facebook and Twitter

2 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps to Help You Identify Your Equine Discovery”

  1. Jolene says:

    This was fun! Love riding horses on the beach.

  2. Debi Cole says:

    I did have one once I had hopes for a Pooka, but alas he was a Mustang. I think I saw hippogriff once.

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