Call for Submissions: Male/Male Romantic Suspense (Ongoing Miniseries)



The Carina Press editors are looking for male/male romantic suspense titles that are part of ongoing miniseries. Think Josh Lanyon’s Fair Game series, Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux, or Layla Reyne’s Agents Irish & Whiskey series, where:

  • The same heroes travel from book to book
  • Each book contains a happy-for-now
  • Each book contains an independent suspense arc
  • There is an overarching suspense and romantic arc running through the miniseries


We are not looking for a specific balance of romance and suspense, but rather are looking for excellent character- and plot-driven series. We will consider series in which the romance is more prevalent, with light suspense, as well as series in which the suspense is more prevalent than the romance.

This is an ongoing call, which means we’ll be looking for proposals until our needs are met.

Male/Male romantic suspense ongoing miniseries submission link:


Requirements for this proposal call:

  • Your book must feature two male protagonists who are romantically involved but can be of any heat level.
  • Your proposed miniseries must be composed of completely new works and not have been previously published in any form, whether self-published, posted on a writing community site (example: Wattpad) or released via digital or traditional publisher.
  • If you have a previously published book one or series you would like to submit for consideration, please visit this link to submit a query:
  • You cannot submit projects you have submitted to Carina Press before.

Materials needed to participate:

  • A detailed query letter with a 3-5 paragraph description of the first book, plus a short introduction of your writing credentials and publishing history.
  • A minimum of the first 7,500 words of book one. If you have more than 7,500 words, you can certainly send more! Please note that due to a great number of questions received re: desired words per chapter, we’re revising our guidelines for 2018 to reflect requested word count vs. chapter count.
  • A thorough, well-thought-out book one synopsis that is at least 5 pages or 1,600 words long. See more about writing a synopsis here.
  • A detailed series outline. This must contain a 2-3 paragraph overview of the series arc, plus a 1-2 paragraph description of each proposed book. Please upload this as a separate document. The series outline is a critical component of this proposal call, and we will not consider submissions that do not include one.
  • You may submit more than one project! However, please submit the above material only once per series proposed.



  • Times New Roman, 12 pt, black font, double spaced.
  • Please put your manuscript title and name in the header information on each page of your proposal and synopses.

How to submit:

  • If your book meets the guidelines above and all your material is ready and properly formatted, please use this link to submit.
  • Direct your submission to Editorial Director Angela James, Senior Editor Kerri Buckley, or Associate Editor Stephanie Doig.
  • All eligible proposals will receive a response within 12 weeks of submission.

For questions about this call for submissions, please email us at

For more information about Carina Press, and to read our submission guidelines, please visit


18 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Male/Male Romantic Suspense (Ongoing Miniseries)”

  1. Kl says:

    What would be the minimum word count for each book and how many books do you consider a miniseries?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi KI, we have no minimum word count requirement for this call, but as it’s romantic suspense, needing both a suspense and romance thread, we’d expect it would probably be longer than novella length. Number of books would be at least 3.

  2. Brad Shreve says:

    In the Materials Needed to Participate Section, it states Please upload this as a separate document.

    Are you stating you want the series arc, and the proposed book descriptions uploaded as separate documents,
    should we submit the proposed book descriptions and series arc together as one document, but separate from the other materials?

    Seems like a silly question, but I want to make your lives easier.

    1. Stephanie Doig says:

      Together in one document, but separate from the other materials. So you’d upload three separate docs: 1) pages/WIP 2) synopsis for book 1 3) series arc/proposed book description document. Hope this helps!

      Stephanie Doig
      Associate Editor, Carina Press

      1. Brad Shreve says:

        Crystal clear. Thank you, Stephanie.

  3. BT says:

    Is there a submission deadline?

    1. Stephanie Doig says:

      No deadline! This is an ongoing call for submissions.

      Stephanie Doig
      Associate Editor, Carina Press

  4. Jenny says:

    Can these be paranormal/urban fantasy mysteries?
    Many thanks

    1. Stephanie Doig says:

      Hi, Jenny,

      We’re definitely open to paranormal and urban fantasy mysteries; please just let us know the subgenre in your query letter.

      Stephanie Doig
      Associate Editor, Carina Press

      1. Sabine says:

        Is it still considered urban fantasy if it’s set in a secondary world, but in an urban setting?

        1. Stephanie Doig says:

          I wouldn’t worry too much about it; just note that it has paranormal elements!

          1. Sabine says:

            Many thanks for your reply!

  5. Milo says:

    Are you open to LGBT+ elements in the story such as a Trans protagonist? (Female to Male, to keep it M/M). And is Historical Romance an acceptable subgenre for this call?

    Many thanks

    1. Angela James says:

      @Milo, yes we are open to a Trans protag. We were thinking more contemporary for this call but we’ll happily read historical as well!

      1. Milo says:

        Thank you for the quick reply, Angela! :)

        I was reading through the editor’s picks and I got stuck with some inspiration. I hope you will enjoy my take on the genre!

  6. Tonya DeSarno Wilson says:

    Are you still looking for male/male romance series?

    1. Angela James says:

      We are still acquiring those, Tonya!

      1. Tonya DeSarno Wilson says:

        I’m new to this. Do I send you a query letter or someone else? I think my trilogy would be a good fit for you.

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