Why We Love The Games


Whether you’re an avid sports fan, a casual watcher or completely clueless when it comes to slap shots and high jumps, almost everyone tunes in to the Games. It’s the time of year when people from countries all over the world come together to watch men and women compete in some of the most grueling physical tests we can put our bodies through. It’s a time of high emotion, connection and lots of love. You can’t deny that the Games makes everyone feel something.

  • You can see the camaraderie among the athletes.
    Watching athletes with their fellow competitors is always heartwarming because they each know what the other is going through. Meeting someone who shares the same experience as you is very special, which is why we love it when two athletes start dating or meet-cute at the Games. Think about Canadian figure-skating icons Jaime Salé and David Pelletier, who skated their way into our hearts in 2002 and were married a couple years later! For more figure-skating romance, check out Elizabeth Harmon’s Red Hot Russians series!


  • They transcend boundaries of language and culture.
    Who doesn’t love seeing people from all walks of life coming together to compete in sport, but also just to celebrate the many diverse people that have gathered there. We may not speak the same language, or experience the same culture, but all the athletes can find ways of communicating and spreading their love and happiness without language!


  • You always hope for the best.
    Sometimes you feel like you just want all the athletes to win! It’s hard to see competitors fall or miss a jump. The Games makes you want the best results for everyone, the athletes and the people who love them. In Shannon Stacey’s A Fighting Chance, MMA fighter Brendan Quinn goes to Vegas to win a fight and runs into his ex-girlfriend Adeline. Brendan and Adeline’s relationship shows us what it means to want the best for the athlete and the ones who love and support them.


  • Athletes show us what it means to persevere.
    Have you ever wanted to give up on something? I certainly have. But watching athletes conquer obstacles and overcome hurdles that I can’t even imagine always proves to me that if they can keep going, I can, too. You hear stories of athletes who have defied all odds to make it to the games. Those are the stories that stick with us when it’s time to overcome our own hurdles—they inspire us to be better. Take the men of the fictional hockey team the Minnesota Glaciers, from Lynda Aicher’s Power Play series—they play hard, but they all have challenges to overcome, and in each story they are able to persevere with a little help from the women who love them.


  • Love is ultimately what keeps the athletes going.
    Whether it’s love for the sport or the love of the people who support them, athletes are driven by passion and emotion. All the heartwarming stories that come to light make us empathize with athletes and understand their struggles.


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