Brought to You by Carina Authors: Top 10 LGBTQ Entertainment Moments


Carina Press asked some of our authors to send us their favorite LGBTQ moments in pop culture and entertainment! Did yours make the list?

Annabeth Albert

I’m a huge fan of the American edition of Queer as Folk. And of course, I love Brian and Justin. One of my favorite episodes is 203, where they hold hands in public. Yeah, there are some WAY hotter and sexier scenes with the two of them, but this moment, with Brian being uncharacteristically sweet and protective, just slays me.

My second favorite moment comes from a book (no surprise there). It features Matt and Jared from Marie Sexton’s Promises. There’s a moment when Matt shows up at Jared’s and… No spoilers but I’ve read the book probably twelve times and it always kills me.

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Layla Reyne

Laurent and Damen’s first kiss in C.S. Pacat’s Prince’s Gambit (The Captive Price Trilogy). They’re EPIC enemies-to-lovers in a slow-burn romance—we don’t even get a first kiss between the two leads until Book 2. This moment was expertly built, expertly handled, and the tension, chemistry and romance leap off the page. What’s even more impressive is that as you read on, this moment continues to take on more and more significance. Truly masterful!

Laurie first kneeling for Toby in Alexis Hall’s For Real. Still my all-time favorite romance, and the opening is marvelous. Young Toby knows he’s a dom, but getting respect as such is difficult, until he meets Laurie. A much-desired sub, Laurie is immediately drawn to Toby and goes to his knees for him, in the middle of a packed club. It’s a tense, emotional roller coaster ride of a moment and one of the best first meetings I’ve ever read.

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Sean Michael

There’s a movie called Better Than Chocolate which is quirky and wonderful.

Last summer I watched a limited TV series called Eyewitness about two gay teenagers who witness a triple murder. The end of the show made me very happy and I won’t say more than that so as not to spoil it for anyone.

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Melanie Hansen

The very first m/m romance I ever read, the stunning Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill is a story about a man caught between two worlds—his duty to his family’s farm and his relationship with his lover, a sophisticated New York art dealer. Joey deftly weaves a beautiful, emotional story of family, of loss, of finding strength in love while also knowing it’s okay to be vulnerable, to let go. I can’t recommend it enough.

These days I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV, but when Netflix’s Sense8 came on, I managed to binge watch it with some friends and now I’m a fan for life. Aside from featuring an amazing lesbian couple where one partner is a trans woman, there’s a gay couple—Lito, a famous actor, and his boyfriend Hernando, an art professor. They’re both closeted, but they’re outed when a private photo of them having sex ends up in a tabloid.

During one of Hernando’s classes, a student flashes the picture up on the screen to the laughter of the entire room. Hernando’s response: “The beholder will see what they want to see, suggesting that what you want to see is porn. Whereas someone else, someone with a set of eyes capable of seeing beyond societal conventions, beyond their defined biases, such a beholder might see an image of two men caught in an act of pleasure. Both of them connected to the moment, to each other. To love. And as I have suggested before in this class, art is love made public.”

Hernando’s words are powerful, and he shows such grace and dignity in the face of his deep humiliation. I’ll never forget it, especially what he says at the end, which is true for all artists, including romance writers. Our art is most definitely love made public.

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Anna Zabo

One of my favorite moments is in Kris Ripper’s book Let Every New Year Find You, when Davey finds and later wears their mermaid dress. It was a moment of joy to see a nonbinary character find their own joy and be themselves.

One of my other favorite moments (or rather series of moments) was watching Adam Rippon be utterly flamboyant and wonderful and openly himself at the Olympics, and be loved for it.

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