Top 12 Things the Carina Press Team Loves about the Holiday Season!

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by the Carina Press team

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you love the holidays as much as we do, we know you’ll agree that this is the best time of the year.

This year we thought it would be fun for you to get to know our team and what we love about the holidays. Everything from the food and curling up with a great book and cup of hot chocolate to finding that perfect gift for a loved one, baking cookies and eating way too much food.

Here are 12 of our favorite holiday things from the Carina Press team!


Watching Classic Holiday Movies

“Every year I rewatch old holiday favorites like Home Alone, The Santa Clause and Scrooged. It’s nostalgic since I grew up watching these movies and the season wouldn’t be complete without these classics.” —Stephanie DeFreitas, Assistant Product Manager, Carina Press


Spending Time with Old Friends!

“My absolute favorite part of the holidays actually takes place a week or two before Christmas with my group of friends from college. We meet up at the same NYC apartment every year—pajamas on, first thing in the morning, and have a huge breakfast before we exchange handmade gifts. It started with just six of us 15 years ago in a crappy apartment in Ohio. We’re a group of over thirty now, with spouses and kids added, and it’s just the most wonderful kind of chaos.” —Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor, Carina Press


The Lights

“When the days in December get shorter and shorter, I love seeing twinkle lights everywhere; they give everything a happy glow and are especially pretty when it inevitably snows too early.” —Stephanie Doig, Associate Editor, Carina Press

Family Traditions

“Every year since I was little, I’ve had a one-on-one day with my dad to shop and go for dinner. With my mom we do Christmas baking together, we get our aprons on, play Christmas music and make lots of yummy treats to share with our friends and family.  Now that my kids are getting older, we’re including them in these traditions, which is so exciting.” —Amanda Romanek, Senior Product Manager, Digital Publishing


More Family Traditions

“One of my favorite traditions is that, every year, my teen and I wear matching pajamas that we’ve bought especially for wearing over the holidays. Each year we have a theme. One year it was pugs, one-year Star Wars. This year our matching pajamas are Hamilton PJs, in honor of getting to see Hamilton on stage for the first time.” —Angela James, Editorial Director, Carina Press


Baking Holiday Cookies and Treats

“Every year, I have a cookie-baking day with some close friends, and it’s become one of my favorite holiday traditions. Baking is a great way to spend time with loved ones, and homemade cookies make excellent Christmas gifts.” —Stephanie Doig, Associate Editor, Carina Press



“I’d never had these delicious treat-filled doughnuts until I moved to Brooklyn in 2007. Now that I know about them, they’re pretty easy to find everywhere. They’re made around the world in celebration of Hanukkah as a commemoration of the Temple oil miracle. Strawberry jam is the most common and the best filling, IMO, but I’ve also had vanilla custard and chocolate/pistachio cream versions.” —Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor, Carina Press


All the Decorations!

“I love decorating my parents’ tree—we have tons of old ornaments from when I was a kid, including an angel tree topper that’s definitely seen better days, but we love her anyway.” —Anna Sullivan, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Publishing


Christmas Music

“Starting December 1, it can be heard anywhere one goes, and there’s something so cheerful about it.” —Amanda Romanek, Senior Product Manager, Digital Publishing


Playing Games and Spending Time with Family!

“A favorite holiday tradition is that each year my family gets a new card game to play together. Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with Fluxx and have bought many different versions of that game each holiday season—I think we’re up to 12 different versions, with our favorites being Zombie Fluxx and Firefly Fluxx. I’m ready for there to be a Hamilton Fluxx! There have been other card games we’ve bought and loved—Exploding Kittens, Anomia, Unstable Unicorns, but Fluxx remains our favorite holiday tradition. Still, if you have a favorite card game, we’re always open to suggestions for what to try next.” —Angela James, Editorial Director, Carina Press


Holiday Morning Eats!

“My favorite tradition is eating garlic pork with my family on Christmas morning. It’s pork that’s been pickled in garlic & thyme and which we then fry up and eat with delicious aniseed bread! Luckily we’re around family, so no one cares if we smell a little garlicky!” —Anna Sullivan, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Publishing


Fresh White Fluffy Snow (Before It Turns to Brown Slush)

“There’s no better feeling than waking up Christmas morning to a white snowfall. It feels so magical to watch the snow while drinking a cup of hot chocolate and spending time with family. We don’t always get snow on Christmas morning, but when we do it always puts me in such a great Christmas mood.” —Stephanie DeFreitas, Assistant Product Manager, Carina Press

One thought on “Top 12 Things the Carina Press Team Loves about the Holiday Season!”

  1. Petronella Breinburg says:

    Did she remember or was it I that cannot forget ?
    Was it her that recalled my tale of BACK HOME on morning of Saint Nicholas day, that I would have checked my shoes for gift that great Dutch saint had left me.

    In 1964 she saw and smiled at me, a lone soul away from home .She became my Saint Nicholas, away from home

    Now 6th December 2018.
    After Xmas cards had long since stopped arriving.

    Then there she was, I stretched out my right hand which has the finger on which the diamond ring of early days , that had never left.
    BUT the out stretched hand touched nothing — but I knew that she came .

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