Creating the Perfect Bad Boy Hero


If you have read any of my books, I’m sure you know how much I love writing about bad boys, especially ones with hearts of gold. There’s something about a man who exudes danger and is maybe a bit scary at times, but who shows a different side of himself to his heroine, and to her alone.

Even though most of my stories are written from the heroine’s point of view, I usually start with an image of the hero in my head and let him lead the story and tell me who he is. Most end up being alpha males, some over-the-top and some more reserved, some with more than their fair share of flaws, but still redeemable. I enjoy bringing these characters to life and pushing the boundaries between heroes and antiheroes. Once I have the hero set in my mind, I love making sure that he is matched with a strong heroine. One that will challenge him and his worldview, one whose love the hero must earn.

Bad boys in romance are fun to write and even more fun to read. When you mix a bad boy with a sassy heroine, the chemistry simply flows onto the pages. The witty banter and dialogue is one of my favourite parts about writing, but the key is to balance the hero’s flaws with the qualities that made the heroine fall in love with him. I simply adore writing about these types of characters, and each time I hope I do them justice.

Bikers are the ultimate bad boys—not only because they find themselves in dangerous situations, but it’s their attitudes, as well—and Saint is no exception. Here is a little teaser from my brand-new novel:

Now he’s the one with narrowed eyes. “You’re giving this Reece guy a death sentence if you decide to continue.”

I sip my wine, pinky finger sticking out. “Now, now, Saint. Let’s not get violent. Also, he’s a martial arts expert.”

I put my glass down just in time for Saint to grab me and lift me up. I wrap my legs around him and hold onto his neck.

“You just don’t want to eat my spaghetti,” he says to me, lip twitching. “That’s what all this is about, isn’t it? Or has the spaghetti left you traumatized after last time?”

“No, it hasn’t left me with PTSD, don’t worry.” I smirk, kissing his nose. “I’m just feeling a little…”

“Sexually frustrated?” he offers, laughing out loud. “Is that why you’re pushing me? Babe, if you want me, all you have to do is ask. Hell, all you have to do is look at me. I’m always wanting you and I will always be ready for you.”

I put my hand over his mouth when I hear footsteps near us. If my dad heard that, I’m going to die a little inside.

It’s Renny who sticks his face in the kitchen. “What the hell is going on in here? You’re supposed to be cooking, Saint, not having your way with the prez’s daughter in the middle of the day.” He barks out a laugh before disappearing. “You have some balls, brother. Balls of fucking steel. I’d be pretending I was a virgin while Hammer is around.”

Saint puts me down and I pick up my glass once more, resuming my position. When I down the rest of it, Saint murmurs something about needing some of the wine for the pasta.

Maybe he’s right and I am sexually frustrated, but it’s not like I’m going without. Saint and I have sex pretty much every night we spend together. He’s created a monster. Or maybe I’m just hangry, which is also a possibility. When I glance over at him he’s picking up a tea towel that fell on the floor, and I can’t stop looking at his ass, his strong thighs…

Fuck, he’s right.

I’m addicted to his D. This is going to be a problem.


Thank you for reading my post on bad boys in romance, and I hope you love reading all about Saint and the Knights of Fury MC!

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About Saint:

Saint by Chantal FernandoFrom the New York Times bestselling author of the Wind Dragons and Cursed Ravens MC series comes sinners, saints and secrets…

Dear Skylar,

Five years. That’s a long time to go without talking to somebody, especially someone who was such a huge part of your life…

A letter from my first kiss and my childhood everything…from prison.

He may be nicknamed Saint, but this sweet, sexy biker most definitely has a wild streak. Hearing from him draws me right back into the Knights of Fury motorcycle club—the people I’ll always think of as family.

He’s still the only man I’ve ever wanted.

Each good, old-fashioned letter from my “prison pen pal” has my heart racing. Which is nothing compared to how I feel when Saint surprises me in person, as a free man.

I was just a kid the last time we saw each other, but the connection between us now is anything but innocent.

He’s the type of man who would do anything to protect his woman. And with my world crashing down around me, that’s exactly what I’m going to need.

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