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Men Who Lost Their Shirts


It’s getting cold outside…but it must be steaming hot where these guys are, because they’ve all lost their shirts! Firefighter Rick Gullott’s abs are so hot, his shirt must have gone up in flames… Not even a hockey arena too cold for Minnesota Glaciers’ starting defenseman Henrik Grenick to go shirtless! Two shirtless men is […]

Turning Pointe Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten Aly “Don’t lose that,” Zed tells me for about the billionth time as he glances over at the tiny ultrasound picture in my hand. His eyes return straight to the road as it curves along the river back into the city. “I’m not going to lose it,” I promise, resisting the urge to […]

Turning Pointe Chapter 9


Chapter Nine Zed The tour’s a blur, but our pas de deux isn’t. Every city we land in, we get better and better. Our lines are more electric, our chemistry more palpable, our ferocious hearts left on each stage, beating for the audience to see. We’re left breathless and aching, and we’ve found the cure […]

Turning Pointe Chapter 8


Chapter Eight Aly I lose track of how many hours later it is, how many streets we’ve wandered, how many canals we crossed, how many times people smiled with affection at my arm linked through Zed’s. He’s oblivious to all of it, tilting toward tipsiness, either staring at me or lifting his face to the […]

Turning Pointe Chapter 7


Chapter Seven Zed Twenty minutes before our first performance, I find Aly outside of her dressing room, stretching in her red leotard and black tights, her hair sticky with hair spray and her makeup turning her into a creature of the stage instead of the girl I know. When I sit down next to her, […]