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Share your thoughts with us!


We’re doing some research about Carina Press, and we’d love to get the thoughts of you, our loyal readers. Please click on the link below to complete the survey. It will take only about 10 minutes. The survey is now closed. Thank you for those who participated!

Judging a Book by It’s Cover


They say you can’t. They say you shouldn’t. But we all do it. Don’t we? I know I do. Scanning email newsletters, browsing the “Other Customers Bought” on websites, walking past table displays and shelves in my local book store, I can’t help but make instantaneous decisions about a book based on the cover. I […]

Romantic Suspense Week


It’s Romantic Suspense Week at Carina Press! As usual, on the blog, you’ll hear from each of the authors with books launching this week – but to kick-off the week with something a little different, we thought we’d give our readers a little mystery to solve…so we’re having a scavenger hunt! Visit each of the […]

Do you genre-hop?


When Angela asked me to blog today, I thought for sure I’d write about the funny things that get said in our acquisition team meeting. But I sat down to write and comments that made me laugh so hard they brought tears to my eyes just didn’t translate into text. But if we ever run […]

Carina Press and my mother


Angela James has a vision for this blog – she wants it to be an informative and entertaining place where readers and authors alike can get some insight into Carina Press and the books we publish. Sometimes we have very different ideas about what to post here. I tend toward the more…’promotional’ topics (it is, […]