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Introducing Carina Adores…

Join our new contemporary romance line, launching in 2020, now open for submissions.

Carina Adores, Carina Press’s new trope-driven LGBTQ+ contemporary romance line, takes you around the world with the glamorous, the charming, the gritty, the tough, the possessive and the mysterious protagonists you adore. From sinful to sweethearts to the superrich, these characters will give you their all. Whether it’s stories of royalty falling in love, secret babies, marriage of convenience, friends to lovers, single parents and more, we want to see lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual spectrum, pansexual, transgender, intersex, aromantic and nonbinary protagonists get their trope-filled happily ever afters.

Editorial Promise: 

  • Story should be trope-centric. In other words, the romance should be driven by at least one identifiable trope.  
  • Story should be low emotional angst. We’re looking for lower conflict romances, with a high romantic feel, a strong emphasis on healthy relationship building and focus on the characters falling in love on page.  
  • Tight pacing from the first page, focusing on the romance build, is vital to staying within the requested word count.

What we’re looking for:

  • Contemporary romance.
  • Word count: 50,000–65,000 words (50k is minimum for print format).
  • All heat levels (no, really, we mean ALL).
  • Definable central trope(s) are a must—see last page for some suggestions.
    • New twists on tropes and/or fun subversion of beloved tropes.
  • Can be stand-alone stories or books that are connected into miniseries. Due to word-count restrictions, we suggest focusing on one central plot while treading lightly with subplots.
  • Each book must end in HEA for primary couple or group, in the case of polyamorous romance.
  • 1st– or 3rd-person POV.
  • We want books that are highly romantic, with great scenes of characters getting to know each other, falling in love, overcoming conflict and giving us that warm, mushy feel of romance well-done.
  • Can be set internationally; not restricted to North American settings.
  • We welcome “same world” set projects from multiple authors.
  • Multicultural characters and #ownvoices submissions welcome and encouraged.
  • While it is not a requirement, we are particularly interested in projects written by LGBTQ+ authors.
  • Not restricted to binary gender identities or the presence of sexuality.
  • Any LGBTQ+ character groupings/pairings are welcome.
  • The key here is really intersectionality—no person is completely defined by one aspect of themselves, and no character or story should be, either.

Submission guidelines:

  • Proposals should include:
  • 5-page or approximately 1,600-word synopsis.
  • First 7,500 words.
  • 3–5 paragraph description of book.
    • If there is series potential, series outline is welcome.
    • Series outline can be as simple as an overarching description of series, plus a one-paragraph description of each proposed book in series.
  • Submissions should be uploaded to the Carina Adores category on Submittable.
  • Submissions do not need to be addressed to a specific editor, but all editors are acquiring for this line.


  • Contract is based on the standard Carina Press contract, and is for World rights in digital, print and audio.
  • Digital: Option of $500/advance per title and 25% NDR on digital.
  • Or $0 advance and 40% NDR 3rd party/50% NDR direct.
  • Print: 8% mass market.
  • Audio: 25% NDR on digital, 10% physical.


In addition to being widely available in digital format, all books will be in print and available for sale via online retailer channels such as, Amazon, B&

Why Carina Adores?

UNPARALLELED AUTHOR SUPPORT: With a combined 50 years in the business, excellent and unmatched reputations across the industry and a proven track record, the Carina Press team offers unparalleled support to their authors, equipping Carina Adores authors with the right tools from the beginning to help support them across all platforms, in both the digital and print markets.

INCOMPARABLE EDITOR/AUTHOR RELATIONSHIPS: Carina Press’s exceptional editor/author relationship has been proven since the imprint’s inception. Direct and ongoing close relationships with editorial staff who have been with the company since the beginning give authors craft and story support that allow authors to grow their careers alongside their reader platforms.

RELIABLE PUBLISHING PARTNER: Carina Press and Harlequin/HarperCollins have a history of building authors. With experienced editorial, marketing, sales and production teams, the Carina Press business is a stable, reliable publishing partner.


Carina’s dedicated marketing and PR divisions have banded together to create an extensive, strategic approach to supporting Carina Adores titles across retailers, trade publications, social media and specialty review sites. Promotion will be book-specific and will also include a series push (ongoing).

Recommended Trope List

We encourage authors to be creative in their use of tropes, mixing and mingling more than one trope, using secondary tropes, and thinking of new ways to use them!

**Please note that while some of the language below is gendered (cowboys, prince) we actively want to see a multitude of genders with those tropes.**

Royalty—secret prince, etc.


Babies/toddlers/instant family premises

Surprise pregnancies, or pregnancies with other dramas (can include IVF storylines)

Marriages of convenience


Protector and person in peril (bodyguard, law enforcement)


Fake relationship/fake fiancé

Arranged marriage

Two people after the same job/business location/etc.


Virgin /playboy main character

Enemies to lovers

Cinderella/rags to riches

Mistaken identity


In love with best friend’s sibling/sibling’s best friend

In love with sibling’s ex



Lovers reunited/second chance

Betting/gambling stakes

Con artist


Opposites attract

Coffee-shop romance

May/December romance—age difference

Jilted spouse


Nanny/childcare worker and parent/guardian

Return to hometown

Road trip

Forced proximity/trapped in a cabin/airport, etc.

Office romance

**If you’re not writing a specifically trope-based romance, or your story falls outside of contemporary romance, consider submitting to Carina Press via our open general submissions. We are acquiring LGBTQ+ romance and mystery across all subgenres of our imprint.**

Questions? Email

Download a PDF of this information here.



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