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An Update from the Carina Press Team


Dear Readers, All the romance you love is moving under one roof! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be moving Carina Press author news, book release info, and special opportunities over to many of Harlequin‘s platforms, effective today. Make no mistake—Carina Press isn’t going anywhere. But our audience is growing and we’re adapting our support […]

There Is No Process


by M.A. Grant, author of The Iron Crown I have spent my entire life (I decided at the age of five that I would be a published author) listening to better authors talk about their works, their processes, and their suggestions for improving your craft. One thing I’ve learned is that I have no set […]

The Journey of a Long-Series Writer


by Julie Moffett, author of No Questions Asked When I was asked to write this blog, it was suggested that since I’ve written such a long series (the Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series) over a period of more than 10 years, maybe people would be interested in knowing how or if I’d changed and developed as […]

The Sweet Spot on Suspense & Alpha Men


by Rhenna Morgan, author of Hers to Tame I never know how someone is going to respond when they find out I write romance. Some people roll their eyes and immediately discredit any of my work based on subject content alone. Others are quite curious. They really lean into the topic and dig deep, asking […]

I Learned How to Write Romance by Avoiding It


by Charish Reid, author of Hearts on Hold I was twenty-four years old, sitting in a creative writing class, surrounded by young men and our professor. As the only woman in the class, I stuck out in more ways than one. I was black, older than most of them, and I wore my insecurities on […]