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Travel With Me To Paris, 1900…


Hello, there! Kris Starr here, beyond thrilled to be blogging about my erotic historical novella, Lovely. Readers sometimes wonder where authors get their story ideas. Heck, I even wonder sometimes where the next idea is coming from! In the case of Lovely, however, it didn’t have that auspicious of a beginning. It was a morning […]

Men are Only Good for One Thing


I don’t know about ya’ll, but a man with an accent totally does it for me. Raimond, my hero, is French. This was a first for me. I don’t usually go the foreign route. I like to stick with what I know. Not that I’m opposed to research, I’ve done my fair share, but I […]



I have always been fascinated by all things from myth and legend. The first book I ever bought ( for 75 cents, which made considerable inroads in my allowance at age eight) was “Fifty Famous Fairy Tales,” and I skipped through numberous enclycopedias  for items about gods and goddesses, fairies and folk beliefs, and all things supernatural. To alter  best-selling […]

Personal Ghosts


(Angela’s note: Readers, originally Bernita was scheduled to have her “day” on Tuesday, but when I read this post, I thought it was only fitting that this post be featured on Memorial Day here in the States. Read on and you’ll see why. And yes, Bernita, I see now. Thank you for sharing a bit […]

Meet Lillie St. Claire


Dark and Disorderly: The Adventures of Lillie St. Claire. A paranormal suspense novel. It began with the ghosts–but it didn’t end there. Ghosts appear more and more frequently until the sheer number of apparitions across the country constitutes an epidemic. Specters show up on streets and highways and drivers careen over sidewalks and into ditches. […]