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Will They, Won’t They: The Joy of Slow Burn Romance


by Charlie Adhara, author of Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing As an avid reader of romance, there’s not much I love more than a slow-burn story of enemies to lovers. You know, the ones where the mc fights that mysterious warm and fuzzy sensation they get when the irritating, forced-proximity companion does something out of line […]

A Canadian Reunion: Rachel Reid on Writing About Toronto

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by Rachel Reid, author of Tough Guy When you’ve lived in Nova Scotia your entire life, like I have, Toronto is basically Emerald City, glittering on the horizon (metaphorically, I mean—it’s about 1,800 kilometres away from Halifax). I can’t speak for the rest of Canada, but in the Maritime provinces, there is a wariness about […]

Writing Happily Ever Afters for Black Queer Characters


by Jayce Ellis, author of Jeremiah Jeremiah came to me in the spring of 2017, while my then-fiancé and I were doing God-knows-what to prepare for our summer wedding. Something I didn’t care about, like place settings and linens. But I was preoccupied, because one of my bridesmaids had asked what I was getting him […]

How to Write A Cowboy Hero

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by A.M. Arthur, author of Lucky Break Hey, reading family! I’m A.M. Arthur, author of the Clean Slate Ranch series for Carina Press, and I’m here to chat a bit about my inspiration for this series and its characters. I’ve been a huge fan of cowboys and the Old American West for most of my […]

Starting with the Spark of An Idea


by Annabeth Albert, author of Arctic Heat Hi! I’m so delighted to be here on the Carina Press blog today as we celebrate my latest Carina release, Arctic Heat, which is book 3 in my Frozen Heart series. It wraps up the trilogy (at least for now! I never say never!) and I wanted to […]