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The Fashion Items that Olivia Christakos Can’t Live Without


By Dani Irons, author of OLIVIA CHRISTAKOS AND HER SECOND FIRST TIME   What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without? Me, I’m pretty low maintenance, but I sure love my leggings and warm boots in the wintertime. For summer, I like a loose-fitting tube top while I garden and a cowboy […]

June 2015 Releases


Enjoy our Carina Press new releases! With new titles available for download every week, visit this page to plan your shopping for the month. You’re sure to find a story you’ll love! P.S. Shop our presale titles—buy upcoming titles now and download on the street date! JUNE 1 | JUNE 8 | JUNE 15 | JUNE 22 | JUNE […]

When Geeky Met Nerdy: Unconventional Heroes


By Alyssa Cole, author of SIGNAL BOOST As I mentioned in my Harlequin blog post for Radio Silence (Bros Before Heroes) a few months back, when I began the Off the Grid Series, I was really enamored of the friendship between my heroine Arden and her best friend John. So when it came time to […]

Grand Romantic Gestures


By j. leigh bailey, author of NOBODY’S HERO Who doesn’t remember the moment when Patrick Swayze strides through the banquet room and declares, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” before dragging Jennifer Grey onto the dance floor? Or when Heath Ledger serenades Julia Stiles and the entire Padua High’s girls’ soccer team? These are the […]

Writing What You Know—and Don’t…


By Katherine Locke, author of SECOND POSITION People are always shocked that I don’t dance when Second Position, my debut novel, is all about ballet dancers. ‘Aren’t you supposed to write what you know?’ I’m frequently asked. Well, yes. You should definitely write what you know. And prior to writing Second Position, I didn’t know […]