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Get to Know Cam & Nic from the Trouble Brewing Series


  by Layla Reyne, author of Imperial Stout When FBI agent Cameron Byrne and federal prosecutor Dominic Price first appeared on page together in the Agents Irish and Whiskey series, I knew they were fated for each other. The loveable everyman with the prickly outsider. Both highly competent at their jobs, both fond of arguing […]

Agents Irish and Whiskey Playlist


In my first blog post here for Single Malt, I did a ’Shipper Anthem playlist and promised an Agents Irish and Whiskey one once the series was complete. Well, Barrel Proof is out in the world now, and I owe you a playlist! After all Aidan and Jamie went through on the road to happily […]

The Dangerous Road to Romance


We all know that traveling with someone is a great test of a relationship. If the first few dates are going well, the next step is to try a road trip for a getaway weekend. Then you’ll really understand how well you get along. Do you share toothpaste, or use individual tubes? Is one person […]

Which Romantic Suspense Hero Would Save Your Life


A Love Affair in Alaska


By Anna del Mar, author of THE STRANGER   My kids made me do it. That’s the short explanation of how I fell in love with Alaska and the sexy novel that came out of the unlikely affair. How a tropical-bred urbanite—yup, that’d be me—and a Midwestern suburbanite—hubby—gave rise to such a pair of adventuresome […]