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Introducing A New Sensual Romance Series From Lauren Dane

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Petal, Georgia is a sensual romance series set in the small (fictional) town of you guessed it — Petal, Georgia. A spin off Lauren Danes fan-favorite The Chase Brothers series, the first books of Petal will feature members of the Murphy family.   If you love stories that center around the theme of family — […]

Where in the World is Lexi Carmichael Off to Next?


by Julie Moffett, author of the Lexi Carmichael series I love writing the Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series! I created Lexi as an antithesis to James Bond—female, geeky and socially awkward. I envisioned writing about a young woman struggling to find her place and future in two careers traditionally dominated by men (the tech field and […]

Going Back to School Has Never Been So Fun


The Virgins of Beta Kappa Nu would do anything for each other.  Even auction off their most valuable asset… When a devastating fire breaks out, destroying a local animal shelter and gravely injuring a sorority sister’s brother, they need cash —fast. With little creative thinking and a simple online auction page, they’re in business. As […]

5 Steamy Series to Binge Read at the Beach


 by Rhenna Morgan, author of Stand & Deliver Finally, summer is here! After a winter full of juggling holiday planning and coordinating a move to a new house, I’m more than a little ready to reward myself with a trip to the beach! Of course, a beach trip means planning for what to read during […]

Four Reasons Darren and Izzy are Perfect for Each Other


By Jonathan Watkins, author of the Bright & Fletcher Mysteries series   1. They’re both dedicated to the cause of justice. They don’t have to spend their lives defending others but they keep at it, even in the face of overwhelming odds. 2. They’re both flawed. Well, Darren. Darren is flawed. Izzy’s just a […]