Submission Guidelines: Genres


We Are Currently Acquiring We Do Not Publish
Most subgenres and heat levels of romance, including but not limited to: Non-fiction of any form, including memoirs, biographies, poetry
  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical
Inspirational or faith-based romance
Science fiction & fantasy that does not contain romance as a central story/plot element
Mystery and Crime, with or without romance Young Adult
Literary Fiction/General historical Fiction

Word Count

If your book is 25,000 words or longer and fits what we are looking for, as described in the above chart or in the genre descriptions below, we will consider it!

For our line The Dirty Bits from Carina Press, which are erotic romance short stories, we will look at a word count of 10k–25k.

What We’re Looking for in a Book…

Your passion, quality of writing and voice are what will make your manuscript stand out and be considered for publication.


Erotic Romance

Science Fiction and Fantasy


Previously Published


We are seeking submissions in most subgenres of romance (with the exception of faith-based) and with all levels of sensuality. We welcome everything from no on-the-page sex to the incredibly erotic, featuring couples (or multiples) from all walks of life, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Romances should focus on the development of the relationship, as well as external and internal conflict; the heat level should be appropriate to the book and enhance the story, and the primary relationship should offer a happily ever after (HEA) or happily for now (HFN) in an emotionally satisfying manner. Trilogies and duologies wherein the first and/or second book end in cliffhangers are permitted as long as the primary romantic arc ultimately ends in an HEA or HFN.

Sorry, but one or more primary romantic partners cannot die or leave the other(s) to conclude the story if it’s to be sold as a romance!

Subgenres of romance we are seeking include but are not limited to paranormal, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, contemporary, and historical.  Please see specific guidelines for erotic romance and science fiction/fantasy romance below.

Erotic Romance

Carina Press continues to acquire submissions in the erotic romance genre, and we are now acquiring short stories in addition to novellas and longer works.

M/F, M/M, F/F, non-binary pairings, trans, polyamorous and ménage+ romances are welcome, as are erotic thrillers and stories that push characters’ personal boundaries or delve into the taboo. The language in these books should be frank and explicit, with the sensuality and sexuality of the story integral parts of the plot and themes. Sexual tension and explosive chemistry between the protagonists is key to building the intensity of the story and sexiness of the erotic romance. Additionally, erotic romances must have a happily ever after or happily for now, including when the romance is between two or more characters.

The Dirty Bits from Carina Press! (Erotic Short Stories):

We are temporarily closed to submissions in this category.

An ongoing call for short, erotic romances across subgenres, between 10-25k. These should have tight pacing, a romance with a happily ever after, and be very erotic. Please read the detailed information about this line on this page.

See what we’ve published in erotic romance and in The Dirty Bits.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance

Carina Press has closed to submissions of science fiction and fantasy that do not include romance as central to the story/plot. However, we continue to be interested in acquiring romance manuscripts in science fiction/fantasy and associated SFF romance subgenres, especially futuristic and urban fantasy.

See what we’ve published in science fiction and fantasy romance.


We are open to the full range of mysteries, from soft to hard, including cozies, amateur sleuths, procedurals, historical mysteries and contemporary PIs. A selection of our mysteries, thrillers and romantic suspense titles go to print via Harlequin’s Direct to Consumer Reader Service Suspense program and are also made available for sale in print on

Minimum word count for print adoption in this category is 70,000 and up, although we’ll accept submissions with lower word counts for digital release only.

The Guppies chapter of Sisters with Crime did an in-depth article with us about our mystery program. You can read it here. 

See what we’ve published in mystery.

Previously Released Material (Including Self-Published Works)

Carina Press will consider books that have been previously released or self-published by authors with a well-established publishing background, though the following applies:

  • The author must either currently retain the rights or have a letter of reversion from the original publisher.
  • In addition to the previously published work, we would expect to see a new, never-before-published work submitted. If the previously published book is part of a series, we would expect to see the next (unpublished) book in the series. If the previously published book is a standalone, we would expect to see a separate (unpublished) submission. We are looking for authors who want to work with Carina Press to grow their career with new, unpublished titles.
  • It is important to note that we take less than one percent of previously published projects submitted and much prefer to work with authors on new books.

To submit previously published material please submit a query letter with:

  • book description
  • overview of author’s career
  • explanation of where the title was previously published.
  • If the book is still for sale on etailers, please tell us where it’s for sale. Including any information on sales, number of reviews, average review rating, etc is also helpful.

All of the above information is required in the query letter. Without any of this information, we will decline to read further.

If we are interested in reading your manuscript, you will receive an email asking you to submit the manuscript, a synopsis, series outline and overview of new material you are proposing in addition to the previously published work. If you do not have new material in mind, please do not proceed with submission at this time.

We define previously published as work that has been made available for sale to consumers, either on the author’s website or on an etailer. Works that have been made available for free reading on sites such as Wattpad are not considered previously published.  If your book was contracted by a publisher but was never made available for sale, we do not consider that previously published.

Submit via this link:

*Please do not put previously published material under any other Submittable category as it will be declined.*

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