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We know part of finding the right publisher for your book is knowing the people who might be helping to shape and polish your words. At Carina Press, we utilize a skilled team of experienced freelance editors. Between them, these editors enjoy a wide range of genre fiction, spanning genres and subgenres from romance and women’s fiction, to thrillers and mysteries, to science fiction and fantasy. Below we’ve included a short bio of each freelance editor to help you get to know them and what they might be looking for. When you’re ready to submit, visit the submissions page at Carina Press and follow the guidelines there. You’re welcome to address your submission to one of these editors, or to let us choose the best fit for you!

The most recent call for submissions from individual editors can be found here.

The Editorial Team

Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor (She/her/Ms.)

Before moving to Harlequin, Kerri Buckley spent eight years at the Bantam Dell imprint of Random House, editing books by Danielle Steel, Luanne Rice, Dean Koontz, Diana Peterfreund, Eve Ensler, Anne Kreamer, and Kurt and Mark Vonnegut, among many others.

Since joining Carina Press in 2013, Kerri has been actively acquiring across all subgenres of romance and mystery but has focused her list primarily in contemporary romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense, male/male romance, and mystery. Kerri’s Carina Press titles have twice been nominated for RITA awards and she was the 2016 RWANYC Golden Apple Editor of the Year.

Find Kerri on Twitter @BuckleyKerri.

Stephanie Doig, Associate Editor (She/her/Ms.)

Stephanie began her career at Harlequin nine years ago and has been working with the Carina Press team since 2011. In her time at Harlequin she worked as a proofreader, copy editor, and author liaison before moving to the editor’s desk. As associate editor, Stephanie acquires and edits across genres, but is currently especially interested in contemporary romances with smart, sharp dialogue and a hint of humor; and paranormal series with high sexual tension and solid world building.

You can find Stephanie on Twitter @StephanieDoig

The Freelance Editors

Alissa Davis (She/her/Ms.)

Alissa Davis dreamed of becoming a professor of English literature—until she discovered she didn’t like teaching and that she loved genre fiction even more than Brit Lit. With that in mind, she moved to New York, got her MS in Publishing and landed a job at Dorchester. She eventually left Dorchester to move across the country with her husband and daughter and work with the incredible team at Carina Press.

When she is reading submissions, she looks for memorable characters, high-stakes conflict and detailed world-building. She is acquiring in all genres but particularly loves angsty/dark contemporary romance, LGBT romance, New Adult, historical romance, cozy mysteries and erotic romance.

You can follow Alissa on Twitter @alissadenay

Deborah Nemeth (She/her/Ms.)

Once upon a time Deborah Nemeth tried writing fiction and discovered that her passion and talent actually lay in finessing words, not producing them. Switching careers, she stepped off the corporate ladder and put her English degree to good use by becoming a full-time editor. She’s been editing for Carina Press since its inception back in 2009, and she loves it. Not only does she get to read all day, but freelance work gives her the flexibility to indulge her other passion, travel—plus, working from home reduces the stress of all those bad-hair days.

Deb’s drawn to stories featuring strong conflict, high stakes, and flawed characters, especially ones living on the margins of society. Her tastes are broad and she’s edited every subgenre Carina publishes, although she’s especially interested in acquiring capers, cozy mysteries, Regency romances, high-adrenaline romantic suspense, sexy contemps with alpha antiheroes, and romantic comedy with sparkling banter. She enjoys diverse characters, unique voices, unusual settings, and both lighthearted and dark reads. In her favorite stories, the protagonists suffer big-time before saving the world, solving the crime, or finding their happy-ever-after.

You may find her on Twitter at @DebNemeth.

Mackenzie Walton (She/her/Ms.)

Four years into pursuing a B.A. in archaeology, Mackenzie Walton had an abrupt epiphany: she didn’t like getting her hands dirty, and she enjoyed editing for the university’s student publications department more than anything else. After a quick panic attack, she decided to follow her heart and go into publishing. Since then, Mackenzie has edited a number of New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors, joining Carina Press as a freelance editor in 2016.

Mackenzie is open to great books in any romance genre, but is particularly eager for LGBTQ, paranormal, contemporary, erotic, and historical in any time period/setting, as well as urban fantasy and mystery. She especially loves reading diverse casts, opposites-attract couples, intricate world-building, and strong, authentic dialogue with distinct character voices.

You can follow Mackenzie on Twitter @mackenziewalton.

John Jacobson (They/them/Mx. or Mr.)

John Jacobson entered publishing as a blogger, discovering that criticism only scratched the surface of what it took to bring a book into the world. After interning at a small publishing house, completing a B.S. in integrated marketing communications, and writing for romance-centered communities like Heroes and Heartbreakers, John is thrilled to be a part of the family at Carina Press.

A reader of all romance subgenres, John is enraptured by stories that synchronize well-loved romance tropes with fresh perspectives. John is especially interested in acquiring LGBTQIA+ romances of all types, humorous and sexy contemporaries, witty historicals in and outside of the Regency period, and high-stakes paranormal and romantic suspense stories that excite readers in every sense of the word. John is passionate about stories that feature fully-realized diverse characters, unique authorial voices, and wickedly clever humor.

John can be found on Twitter @DreamingReviews

Kate Marope (She/her/Ms.)

Having always been a social bookworm, Kate Marope loved her school’s mandatory library trips, wrote stories about demons who had kickass names like Ax and Poison, and never, ever complained about verbal book reports. She tried to become a doctor. Opening her microbiology textbook disabused her of that notion, and she discovered she’d rather find out what makes people’s minds tick. A few psychology and marketing degrees later, her prevailing addiction for reading and editing landed her an internship with Latoya C. Smith.

As full-time freelance editor since 2015, Kate helps authors find their voice and tell their stories in the most compelling way possible. Her client list includes Amazon Humorous Fantasy bestseller PM Drummond, Golden Palm Contest winner Brooke Stanton, and other debut authors in the US and UK. An awesome book doctor in pyjamas, she joined the Carina Press team in 2018.

Kate’s drawn to books with pragmatic characters, who learn to compromise to achieve their goals, smart heroines, and intricate world-building. She is especially interested in acquiring paranormal/urban fantasy, organized crime romance, and sweet gay romances. She craves well-developed and authentic characters that feel real. She doesn’t have to like your characters; just understand them.

Find Kate on Twitter @TheRibbonMarker

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