Acquisition: Goddess of the Blade by Lauren Dane


The story goes like this – A few years ago, Lauren Dane decided to quit her job and stay home with her brand new second child. As a result, she had lots of conversations in a sing-song voice but no real outlet for adult thoughts and words. While on bed-rest with her pregnancy with the tiny monster, Lauren had plenty of down time so her husband brought home a second hand laptop and she decided to “give that writing thing a serious go.”

Lauren had no idea how fabulously wonderful it would feel to actually make a go of her writing and she’s thankful every day people actually want to read what she writes! She’s well aware of her good fortune and loves every moment of it, even when she has to edit and put Barbie’s dresses back on over and over again. She still hasn’t managed to figure out how to shut out the sound of the Backyardigans so she can write a love scene, though.

Visit Lauren at her website or follow her on Twitter.

Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane

Armed with a blessed blade and blood from a goddess, Rowan Summerwaite’s got a divine mission. Embodying a Vampire’s worst nightmare is a big job, but someone’s got to do it. Her employer, The Hunter Corporation, has assigned her to hold the Vampire population in Las Vegas to the letter of law laid out in their treaty.

Rowan is no ordinary Hunter, she was raised as a foster-daughter to the First, the oldest known Vampire and the leader of their kind. The Vampires fear and loathe her and she finds it rather helpful and amusing to use that to keep them in line.

Sadly, they’re not always in line and she has to be the one to put them back into place. Freshly returned from nearly a year of dealing with the fall-out of her execution of the prior Scion in Las Vegas (all cleared now, honest!), Rowan is given evidence of a Vampire not only breaking the treaty by killing humans, but the killings bear the distinct marks of a serial killer.

But there’s a new Scion in Las Vegas and Clive Stewart presents a bigger threat to Rowan than she’d imagined. And one more delicious and forbidden than she can resist…

Coming in 2010 from Carina Press!

Acquisition: Contemporary Romance by Ann Bruce


Ann Bruce is the pseudonym for a self-professed computer geek who, in between snowboarding, reading comic books, and wearing out the buttons of her PS2 and PS3 controllers, writes because it’s an acceptable means of explaining all the conversations that take place in her head.

You want more? Really? Well…

I have wanderlust; I called five countries on three continents home.

I switched majors five times in university…and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I had nine jobs and four careers before I turned twenty-five.

I watch mainly cartoons because they have better storylines than sitcoms and reality shows. (Pinky and the Brain trumps American Idol any day!)

One day I want to be a full-time writer. Maybe. Still haven’t decided. I hear it doesn’t pay very well. Being a superhero, sans cape and tights and decoder ring, is still an option. (Pay sucks for superheroes, too, but I’d have cool toys!)

And I’m easily amused and dis– Ooh, shiny!

You can visit Ann at her website.

Untitled Contemporary Romance by Ann Bruce

When Manhattan magnate Dean Maxwell sees Parker Quinn at a charity auction – and rescues her from her annoying ex –he is instantly attracted the magazine editor. The attraction is mutual – until Parker hears his name and does a complete one-eighty.

Never one to give up easily, Dean sets out to seduce Parker, taking her to fancy dinners and a trip to a luxurious Caribbean island. Parker can’t resist his charms for long and begins to see a different side of Dean. But despite their passion, Parker still harbors serious doubts about his intentions. And she has a very good reason for thinking Dean is nothing more than a cad….

Coming in 2010 from Carina Press.

Week Six…Where Does the Time Go?


Last week we all received an updated “action plan”. Meaning, all the major actions that need to be done in order to launch were on there, with their proposed due dates for our proposed launch date. That was cause for a great, big EEP! from me because, well, my initials are next to quite a few of the action steps, meaning I’m responsible for them. Go ahead, say it with me…Eep!

I’m still working with two more editors to get them on board, and hopefully they’ll be ready to go at the new year. Copy editor tests are going out this week (tomorrow, I hope)! I know, great timing for those of you who are interested in testing for the job, given the holidays, but submissions and content editors have been consuming my days these past weeks and no worries, I just want to get them out so anyone who does have time over the holidays can work on them if they like, but they’re not due back immediately, by any means.

Last week I sent out the first round of rejection letters. We knew it had to happen sometime, but they’re no fun for anyone involved. As of Friday, I’d sent out one hundred rejections to both agented and unagented submissions. If you submitted your book in the first few days of our opening and haven’t heard yet, don’t despair, it means it’s with an editor getting a closer look! With 8 editors as well as the Carina acquisitions team going through submissions, we are getting through them pretty well, but there’s a lot to get through!

Aideen (our marketing guru) and I put together some mock cover art forms from five different genres, and Aideen sent those to several different cover artists. We’ve gotten our first mock cover art back and have been analyzing it and discussing it with the Carina Press team. In January, we’ll be sharing all five mock covers with you, so you can get a taste of just what Carina’s cover art might look like–or even possibly what your cover art might look like.

Last, but certainly not least, we made two more acquisitions last week. We’re very excited to welcome these two authors to Carina Press:

Ann Bruce, with her Untitled contemporary romance, for launch month publication.

Goddess with a Blade, an urban fantasy by Lauren Dane for fall 2010 publication

I’ll be sharing further details of both books on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so stay tuned! You know, if your submission isn’t in our inbox, you can’t be next!

Coming up in the next week: We’ll be off on Friday for Christmas, and Toronto is off on Monday for Boxing Day, but I’ll still be here! This next week will be about sending out copy editor tests, reading submissions (I’m reading! I’m reading!), sending more rejections–I promise not to send any past tomorrow, in deference to the holiday spirit–and just keeping on top of my action items. No pressure!

Acquisitions From a Reader’s POV


Note: Meet Emily, she’s one of the Carina Press Acquisitions Team and probably the one person on the team other than the editors who reads the most submissions. She is super enthusiastic about reading manuscripts and she agreed to write a blog post for us. So please welcome Emily!

When Emily is not moonlighting on the Carina acquisitions team, she works at She loves to read, tan, and spend time outdoors, though not necessarily in that order. She is still experimenting in the kitchen, and tests frequently on her friends. Her favorite ingredient is garlic, and she’s convinced that the more she eats, the less likely she is to get sick.

I tried a new recipe the other night and had a friend over for dinner. This friend had once criticized a soup I’d made (corn chowder, from scratch). We’d fought. Granted, I’d put the bowl in front of her, saying: “I’m not sure how this is going to be.” But I hadn’t wanted her to be honest with me, really.
“It’s sweet,” she’d said—in the same tone she uses to tell me that she thinks I should wear something else. I was totally deflated. When I served this new thing—a kind of chick-pea curry—I was nervous. Every time I’ve served her something since the corn chowder incident (which was almost four years ago), I’ve been nervous. This one went over fine—it wasn’t a showstopper, but it did the job.

But the experience got me thinking about something else: being nervous about someone’s reaction, or rather, not doing something because you’re afraid of the reaction. And so, rather selfishly, I’d like to take a moment to encourage shy writers to submit their manuscripts. If you’ve got a completed manuscript and you’re afraid to send it in— overcome!

I work in publishing because I love to read. Even before I started here, the thought of employee books thrilled me. Now that I’m with Carina and reading manuscripts in their most raw form, that thrill has intensified. Sometimes I think: This is having an ear to the ground. I am obnoxious to friends slogging over expense reports at night; I frequently make comments like: “Ah, you know. I’m going to tuck in early. Do some work reading.” or: “I know—I take work home with me all the time.” When you submit, you make it possible for me to say these things. Please, please—keep them coming! And remember: we know how it feels to put something on the table and have someone not love it. We will be gentle, and we are happy to read whatever we can get our hands on!

Acquisition: Song of Seduction by Carrie Lofty


Born in California, raised in the Midwest, Carrie Lofty met her husband in England—the best souvenir! She earned her BA in English and history, and then her master’s in history from with a thesis on the impact of Old West legends on society. Since happily abandoning academia in favor of make-believe, she’s been devoted to raised two precocious daughters and writing romance. She also manages Unusual Historicals (, the multi-author blog she founded in 2006 to celebrate romances set in unusual times and places.

Carrie’s romances have been praised as “inventive” (Dear Author), “shattering” (Nights & Weekends), and “intelligent” (Smart Bitches). With Ann Aguirre, she also co-writes hot’n’dirty apocalyptic paranormal romances as Ellen Connor. Visit Carrie at her websites or follow her on Twitter.

Song of Seduction by Carrie Lofty

Salzburg, Austria 1804

After claiming his late mentor’s symphony for himself, Dutch composer Arie De Voss became wildly famous across Europe. But the undue praise twists his conscience. Arie’s fear of discovery poisons any attempt to write a redemptive masterpiece, until the adoration of his newest student inspires him.

Hoping a quiet life will diminish the scandal of her birth, widowed violin prodigy Mathilda Heidel hides her musical gifts. But a chance introduction to Arie De Voss, the composer she’s idolized for years, dares her to heed the lure of the stage. In the face of public scrutiny and Arie’s fraud, can she sustain her new identity and salvage their love? And how will Arie choose between Mathilda, his career, and the truth?

Coming in 2010 from Carina Press.

Read chapter one at Carrie’s website.


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