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Improving on History


A few years ago (okay, MANY years ago) I studied Australian social history at university. It was part of a combined History and Sociology degree. Life got in the way, and I never did get around to that Honours degree, but I remember my research into the early colonial years of Western Australia, especially the […]

Antho Sisters…Unite!


Last year around this time, edits for my first Season of Invention book had been completed. It was being included in Carina Press’s steampunk holiday anthology, and so the other contributors and I had put together a private Yahoo group to talk promotion strategies, but we also made a Facebook page (where we’ll be holding […]

A Clockwork Christmas, Cont’d


So here it is, the afternoon of a superb Steampunk day, and we’ve popped open the bubbly. Jeeves-baby, our automated butler is bustling around. “Hey, Jeeves-baby! Where’s the chocolate strawberries? and we need more champagne. Readers are a thirsty bunch!” And for our readers, two more reviews = two more reasons to share the steampunk […]

A Clockwork Christmas


A Clockwork Christmas began as a simple call for submissions, and along the way it turned into something much greater than that for four intrepid authors. In a true reflection of the spirit of the holidays, PG Forte, Stacy Gail, Jenny Schwartz and JK Coi, the authors of these four steampunk novellas found something much […]