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Where did the soul go?


Earlier this past summer, I asked if there were any questions people wanted to ask editors. One of the questions, posed by Carrie was: “Is there such a thing as a MS that’s been critted/polished to death?” The answer is yes, emphatically yes. When I read this question, I was reminded of a blog post […]

Ask the editor: what does an editor do?


Today on Twitter I mentioned that Carina Press would be getting three new freelance developmental editors (pause for a quick wheeee! here). In response, the question was asked of me, “what do developmental editors do?”. I think this is a good question so I thought we could chat about edits and editors today. First, different […]

Ask an editor: Voice or Grammar?


This week on Twitter, I put out a call on my personal Twitter account and asked people if they had a burning question for an editor, because I needed blog topics for my personal blog. The response was so enthusiastic, that I decided to use a few of the topics for the Carina blog as well, […]