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Holiday Travel Survival Guide from the Carina Press Team


While we at Carina Press are wrapping up 2014 in a nice and tidy bow before the holidays start, we haven’t quite talked about the amazing, crazy and sometimes challenging period called “Holiday Travel Season”. Our fearless leader, Angela James, has documented proof that the very best planned itineraries don’t often go smoothly. I had […]

Carina Press Team Share Their Favorite Holiday Moments


The holiday season is upon us, and what better what to spend the festive season than doing the things we love with those we care about. The Carina Press team has come together to share some of their favorite holiday moments.   Angela James, Editorial Director, Carina Press I like presents as much as the […]

****-Me Pumps, A Behind the Scenes Look at Shoes and Toys in “The Dom Project”


Hi, I’m Heloise Belleau! Today on the Carina blog, I’ll be talking . . . shoes! Coming from a background writing M/M, I was jumping at the chance to write a sexy and sexual heroine–especially her fashions! It was part satisfying to my Barbie-doll-dressing-up childhood self, and part to my attracted-to-well-dressed-women adult self. One thing […]

The Muses


Sometimes, a writer has a muse. I happen to have a few — four to be specific — and I thought it might be fun to introduce them to you. First, there are Jake and Ryan. They hang out on a pink Barbie couch on my desk….along with Bella. Originally, it was just the two […]

Quick! Say Something Sexy


Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers is now available, and that means the Love Letters ladies are talking dirty. Well, not really. You see, Love Letters Volume 1: Obeying Desire marked a first for all four authors – first audiobook release. Here’s their take on the latest installment in the Love Letters series and hearing […]