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Week Six…Where Does the Time Go?


Last week we all received an updated “action plan”. Meaning, all the major actions that need to be done in order to launch were on there, with their proposed due dates for our proposed launch date. That was cause for a great, big EEP! from me because, well, my initials are next to quite a […]

Acquisitions From a Reader’s POV


Note: Meet Emily, she’s one of the Carina Press Acquisitions Team and probably the one person on the team other than the editors who reads the most submissions. She is super enthusiastic about reading manuscripts and she agreed to write a blog post for us. So please welcome Emily! When Emily is not moonlighting on […]

Week Four…Can You Tell I’m Busy?


Why is it the holiday season seems so much busier? Is there that much more to do? For me, last week there was.  And that would explain why there was no post on Friday. Sorry about that! The beginning of the week, Monday and Tuesday, I again spent on the hiring process for freelance editors–I […]

Week Three…it’s all about the editors


I spent last week (all three days of my work week) setting up the freelance editorial process, and contacting candidates for both the editor and copy editor position. I also explored the possibility of hiring some advance readers to help go through the slush pile, so we can start cycling through some of the submissions […]