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A Party Every Night


In Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee’s collaboration, Serious Play, the bar featured in the story sounds like a party every night. Our heroine, Mary Scott, owns a theme bar called My Parents’ Basement that caters to the child in her clientele. The décor, music and games are reminiscent of casual parties of youth. Enter the […]

Tic-Tok of Oz, or What Turned Me on to Robots


Mechanical people fire our imagination from I Robot to the Stepford Wives. The concept of what it means to be human and whether synthetic life forms can develop humanity was explored in great depth in Battlestar Galactica. Is the quality of humanity judged by the ability to reason or is it necessary to feel emotions? […]

Between Wake and Sleep


I don’t know about other writers, but since I was a child I put myself to sleep by telling stories. These mental movies were almost always romances from the time I was young. Of course, back then they might feature that great romantic couple tragically separated by looming puberty–Peter Pan and Wendy. Come to think […]