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In Appreciation (Submissions Guidelines)


Today I’m traveling to Toronto, so I won’t be working much on submissions for the rest of the week, but in the weeks since Carina has been open, I’ve been immersed in two things: submissions and getting editors to read those submissions, so I’ve had some time to reflect on submissions guidelines, why we have […]

Advance Readers: A Quick Note

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I wanted to post a quick note about my blog post yesterday. When I mentioned that I was in the process of hiring advance readers, I didn’t actually mean I needed applicants, I was just sharing where I’m at in the process. I know that there’s a lot of interest in a position like this, […]

Week Three…it’s all about the editors


I spent last week (all three days of my work week) setting up the freelance editorial process, and contacting candidates for both the editor and copy editor position. I also explored the possibility of hiring some advance readers to help go through the slush pile, so we can start cycling through some of the submissions […]

The Acquisition Process


We’ve seen both direct queries and indirect speculation about how the Carina acquisition process will work and just what kind of manuscripts we’ll accept, so I thought I’d share with you how it’s working…