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2015 Year in Review — February Dear Reader Letter


Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. Here is a handy recap of all of our February 2015 releases. Enjoy! Dear Reader, Hi, my name is Angela and I […]

Top Five Things I Love About Steampunk


By Eleri Stone, author of THE ADVENTURES OF CASSIUS FLYNN AND MOLLY McGUIRE   Steampunk is a mash-up of science fiction and alternate history. The stories are often set in Victorian England, but there are plenty of western tales out there too.  It’s a sometimes dark, always twisted, FUN genre full of adventure and romance. […]

June 2015 Releases


Enjoy our Carina Press new releases! With new titles available for download every week, visit this page to plan your shopping for the month. You’re sure to find a story you’ll love! P.S. Shop our presale titles—buy upcoming titles now and download on the street date! JUNE 1 | JUNE 8 | JUNE 15 | JUNE 22 | JUNE […]

The Adventures of Cassius Flynn and Molly McGuire Chapter 13


Chapter Thirteen It was very strange to have Flynn sitting at her table. She’d won this little shack in a poker game from a miner who was ready to abandon it anyway. It was a roof and a bed and she was hardly ever here anyway so it didn’t matter that there were mice in […]

The Adventures of Cassius Flynn and Molly McGuire Chapter 12


Chapter Twelve Of course Molly would know that he didn’t intend to abandon her to his stepfather. That bastard wasn’t going to turn her over to the authorities. He’d tuck her away somewhere on one of his private properties far away from the prying eyes on Eyrion and then he’d take his anger at Flynn […]