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Vlad the Bad…revealed!

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By Elizabeth Harmon, author of TURNING IT ON   Not only does music put me in the mood to write, often a song will inspire my story and shape my characters. That’s been especially true for the Red Hot Russians heroes, who are, or have been, figure skaters.  But their musical personalities extend beyond the […]

June 2015 Releases


Enjoy our Carina Press new releases! With new titles available for download every week, visit this page to plan your shopping for the month. You’re sure to find a story you’ll love! P.S. Shop our presale titles—buy upcoming titles now and download on the street date! JUNE 1 | JUNE 8 | JUNE 15 | JUNE 22 | JUNE […]

From Russia with Love


By Elizabeth Harmon, author of PAIRING OFF When I told people I’d written a novel set in Russia, I was sometimes asked, ‘Is it about spies/oligarchs/mobsters?’…and ‘have you been there?’ When the answer to these questions turned out to be ‘no,’ another one usually followed: “Why Russia?” First, it made sense from a plotting standpoint. […]

Genre Spotlight: Sports Romance


Sports fans, are you ready to add a little romance to your collection? These stories feature sexy athletes not only winning the game, but falling in love in the process. Discover some of our athletes below, and keep reading to see why author Lynda Aicher likes mixing sports with romance! Sports and Romance – A Power […]

Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Harmon


Elizabeth Harmon finds inspiration in many places, especially in music. Her debut novel Pairing Off, set in the world of international competitive figure skating, is sound-tracked by a diverse playlist that highlights the story’s humor and heart. Tuneful Inspiration by Elizabeth Harmon “The only baggage you can bring is all that you can’t leave behind…” The […]