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Now hiring: Freelance Developmental/Content Editors


Yes, it’s that time again, my favorite time of year when we go looking for some fresh victims talented team members in the form of freelance developmental editors. Now, before you get all excited and shoot off an email, please read what we’re looking for carefully. Respondents who don’t meet the requirements or who don’t […]

Week 13…editors and submissions


I made some inroads into working through the copy editor tests and developmental editor emails. I’ll be sending out some emails today, but I’m still working on copy editors. Copy editors are actually much more difficult to hire than developmental editors, for some reason. Part of it is that, over the years, I’ve found that […]

Freelance developmental editors wanted


I know many of you are wondering the status of your copy editor applications. Not to worry, the fact that you haven’t heard isn’t a reason for panic, but only means I’ve had to triage my to-do list and that has fallen to the bottom. However, now that my travel is done until late February […]

Week Nine…That grinding noise is my brain


Har har. I’ve had this window open on my computer since roughly 9:30am this morning. I got as far as “Week Nine” and I hit some major brain sludge trying to get going this morning. I have a rather serious looking to-do list this week that has things on it that can’t be put off. […]

Week Eight…2009 Drew to a Close

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Late, this post is late, so late! Today has been a Monday, on so many levels and a few times I’ve been tempted to just shut down the computer and try again tomorrow. I hope no one else had a day like that! But I don’t get paid to give up, so here I am, […]