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Spotlight on Lauren D.M. Smith


Are you a fantasy fan? You won’t want to miss this exciting read from a debut author! Check out The Emperor’s Arrow, from 2015 So You Think You Can Write Winner Lauren D.M. Smith. Calling the Winner of So You Think You Can Write 2015: About The Emperor’s Arrow: Grand Prize Winner of Harlequin’s 2015 So You Think […]

A Dragon-Haunted World—by John Tristan


Goats whose milk spins spider-silk. Mice that grow human ears. Plants that have been altered to glow in the dark. Even though all of it has happened—here, in our world—it still sounds like science fiction to most of us. To me, it also sounds a little bit like magic. It was that feeling, that ambiguity […]

In the Black—Sheryl Nantus


I, like many other science fiction fans, loved “Firefly”. Aside from the gorgeous leading man it portrayed a rough and tough world where the final frontier wasn’t a clean and sterilized future – it was darned down and dirty. I adored Inara, a strong woman who provided companionship for the rich but not necessarily sex. […]

Inking his own path


The Adorned started off in November 2008…and yes, for those of you whose ears prick up like a bloodhound’s at the mention of ‘November’, its initial (and terrible!) first draft was written in the trenches of National Novel Writing Month. It wasn’t my first time in those trenches, and in order to be well-armed this […]

From Reality to Fantasy


You don’t know how much I appreciate getting away to a fantasy land that I’ve created. A land where I come up with perils for my characters, both emotional and physical, then make sure everything comes out okay so my hero and heroine can enjoy a HEA together, like Willow and Cullendor in DESPERATE MAGIC, […]