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Character Interview ~ The Guardian’s Witch


Ah, there you are and just in time. Thank you for coming; I knew you wouldn’t want to miss this. We’ve pulled a real coup. Let me give you a little background before they begin. Our investigative reporter is about to hold an interview the hero, Lord Alex, and heroine, Lady Lisbeth, of Ruth A. […]

The Alchemy of Scent


Scent. It’s all around us. Every day we breathe in thousands of unique scent signatures and scarcely notice any save the extremely fragrant or pungent.  Some have even argued that smell is the weakest of our senses. When I started writing Journey of Dominion, I needed a weapon that would appear completely innocent on the […]

How a Book is Born


How a Book is Born Everyone ask writers how they come up with their ideas. The Stolen Luck was born out of a move to the wine country of Oregon, a lifelong love of fantasy, a stray comment from one friend and a long conversation with another. I moved after my divorce to live closer […]

More than one way to be a strong female character


“Strong female characters”. It’s a phrase you hear over and over again in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres in publishing, not to mention in SF/F-based TV shows or movies. In honor of the release of my fantasy novel Valor of the Healer, I’d like to tell you about what “strong female character” means […]



  My reviews for Gate to Kandrith all mention the same thing: that darn cliffhanger ending. While the main plot of the book WAS resolved, the main characters did not get a Happily Ever After. (To my steadfast readers of book one, my apologies on the long wait—I wrote as fast as I could. To […]


Wait! Before You Leave…

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