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When Opposites Attract


Anyone familiar with my books will know I have a weakness for the opposites-attract trope. I love to take two people who, by all rights, should share one glance and say “thanks, but no thanks,” and then give them a romance it’s impossible for them to escape. It’s love and torture all wrapped up in one! […]

Bringing History to Life


My debut mystery, Mistress of Fortune, begins with this historical note: “On 12 October 1678, a popular London magistrate named Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey left his home in Westminster and never returned. Five days later, two local tradesmen found his slain body in a drainage ditch at the base of Primrose Hill, a London suburb. […]

Reading Male/Male Romance

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Have you ever read a Male/Male romance? That was the question posed to me three years ago and at the time I responded with “Why would I want to?” A heavy reader of romance since my teens, I honestly didn’t think it would appeal to me. To my chagrin, I discovered how wrong my assumption […]

What’s in a Name?


One of the most interesting, and at times most frustrating, aspects of creating a new book is in selecting the characters’ names. Embarking on this search often makes me feel like Goldilocks looking for just the right fit. That name is too hard; this name is too soft… You get the picture. Coming up with […]