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Best Places for a Meet-Cute


By Annabeth Albert, author of CONNECTION ERROR In my new Carina Press release, CONNECTION ERROR, computer game programmer Josiah and navy SEAL Ryan meet on a plane. This is often described as the “meet-cute” of a story—the moment when the main characters stumble into each other’s lives, often in adorable, humorous, or awkward ways. In […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Book Lover Tries To Keep


A new year is almost upon us. Will 2016 be the year you drop the grudge against your friend who ruined your first-edition copy of Harry Potter or you actually spend time outside? Here are 10 resolutions we should try to keep (even though they seem impossible): 1. I will not buy more books until […]

10 Real-life Struggles for Readers


Us readers are a special bunch, but we face struggles that non-readers just don’t understand! 1. You know you should go to bed, but there’s just one chapter left… via GIPHY 2. When the book is nowhere near as good as the movie. via GIPHY 3. Someone dares to talk to you while you’re reading. […]