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The Joys of an Overactive Imagination


So you know those fools you see running out of a haunted house, screaming their heads off as a madman with a chainsaw chases after them? You know the people I’m talking about. We’ve all seen them. The people who can’t grasp that there isn’t a chain on the end of that saw and it’s […]

I was a closet romance writer…


What is the one word that will get the attention of most people faster than anything else? SEX. Am I right? Just the word elicits a deluge of feelings, images, memories, and the anticipatory thrill of future pleasures… LOVE is a close second. Yet, even though these things are uppermost in our minds—or at least […]

My History in Mystery


J. Wachowski. First book. First blog. First Twit. (You never forget your first Twit.) I took the scenic route on my way to published Mystery Author. Stopped and read a few books on the way… Age 9: Terrible Flu. Fever for 8 days. Can’t get out of bed. Neighbor drops off her entire collection of […]



So, I’ve gone and done it. A novella I wrote in 2008 morphed into a full-sized novel and, after a few fits and starts, finally found a home at Carina Press. A release on 7 June? I’m so happy you can probably hear me squeeing from where you are! The Republic had taken everything from […]

Luring you to the Dark Side


Hi everyone and welcome to my second post at the Carina blog. (My first was the interview with editor, Michael Banks. You can find it here.) By now, you probably already know that my book, IN ENEMY HANDS, is being released as part of Carina’s launch line in June. Firstly, I’d like to thank the […]